Hire Dedicated Resource

Hire Dedicated Developer Service is for you if you are looking for a dedicated resource to work on your project. We offer developers on Salesforce.com, Force.com, PHP, WordPress, Android, Mobile apps on hire to our clients on monthly billing basis. A dedicated resource can be a Dedicated Developer, Dedicated Programmer or any other resource. The dedicated resources working exclusively on your assignments from India will reduce your costs.
Hire Dedicated Developer Services from India

Dhruvsoft’s Dedicated Developer Service gives you one or more Dedicated Developer, Dedicated Programmer, Dedicated Designer, or other resource working exclusively for your projects and assignments from our facilities in India. Hire Dedicated Resource helps reduce your costs by contracting highly personnel located in India (a low-cost environment).
What resources we are offering for hire?

Dhruvsoft currently offers following ‘Dedicated Resource Services’

What level of professionals we offer?

You can hire senior developers or junior developers from our resource pool. We can even offer an entire project team working on your project alone.

How you can be in control of a dedicated resource?

The client has host of options of communicating with their dedicated developers – including (but not limited to) instant messenger (Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo, MSN), on-line web conferencing (Like Go to meeting), e-mail, phone etc. Clients can schedule regular meetings for tracking the progress. Your dedicated developer will also send you reports in the desired formats.

Why should I go for Hiring a Dedicated Resource

Here are few reasons:

  • Cost savings over onshore development.
  • Office infrastructure (office, hardware & software)
  • Skilled and experienced developers.
  • Your direct control
  • Experienced management team
  • Low risk
  • No need for full-time staff
  • Intellectual property
  • Secure development environment

Process for Hiring a Dedicated developer

  1. Requirement Study
  2. Resource Selection
  3. Quick Pilot (if resource is available)
  4. Contract
  5. Start
  6. Review

To know more about our Hire Dedicated Developer service write to us at contact@dhruvsoft.com