Salesforce CRM for Technology Industry

The Technology Companies Solution Accelerator is a pre-built framework on CRM for Technology Companies including Software, Hi-Tech Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, and Equipment Manufacturers. This framework gives them edge ahead of competitors in their hi-tech environment. DhruvSoft helps them in implementing Industry leading best practices on CRM applications.

Technology Companies work in a global environment and have relatively shorter product life-cycles. In such a business environment, CRM can provide them the desired tools and processes to stay ahead of the competition.

Large number of Software companies around the world have standardized on Salesforce CRM. In hi-tech environments like hi-tech manufacturing companies, this framework ensures the high-end user adoption rate, visibility across the Sales cycle, and integrated partner management.

Contact us to know more about our vertical CRM solution based on for Technology Companies / Hi-Tech Companies or for a custom proposal for your specific business requirement.