Multiple Activity Manager for

Available on Appexchange logoMultiple Activity Manager for is a free app by Dhruvsoft that helps end users save time by giving option to create & edit multiple activities – both tasks & events from one single page. This is 100% native app with custom setting to include / exclude fields on Activity page.

For users editing the tasks and events one by one is a very time consuming process. Our app Multiple Activity Manager Apps enables them by providing a way to create multiple tasks and events from one single page. The Multiple Activity Manager app has option to view tasks and events for a date range on a page and edit them.

This app gives a great way for your users to report their end of day activities from one single page. In the same way they can plan their events for next day from a single page in instead of going to multiple pages.

Features of Multiple Activity Manager for

  • Create Tasks and Events a Single Page and save time
  • View Tasks and events for a date range to Edit
  • Edit / Close Tasks and Events from a Single Interface instead of one by one
  • This is a 100% native app
  • Custom setting to include / exclude fields on Activity page
  • Setup can be done in few minutes

Requirements of Multiple Activity Manager for

  • Works with Performance, Unlimited, Enterprise and Professional editions

Install Multiple Activity Manager for

Click on link below to Install Multiple Activity Manager for from Appexchange

Multiple Activity Manager for