Matchy – The CRM for Matchmakers

Matchy is a specialized CRM application for relationship matchmakers and private brokers. Our solutions meet all the requirements of relationship brokers, helping them manage the database of profiles, match the profiles, make decisions, and ensure the efficient running of their business operations.

CRM application for relationship matchmakers

This matchmaker’s CRM application is developed on the platform – the leading standard for Cloud applications. Users will be able to manage a database of profiles for prospective clients and look for matches that perfectly fit those profiles. 

One of the key features of the Matchmaker CRM is that it helps users find matches from a large number of profiles. As an outcome, the user will spend less time browsing through several individual profiles.

Key Features of Matchy – the Matchmaker’s CRM

  1. Manage Client / Customer Information
  2. Creating profiles with number of attributes
  3. Add profile photos
  4. Add family members and their details
  5. Creating match preference for profile
  6. Searching profiles as per match preferences
  7. Profile update by the client directly (using a link sent to client by email)
  8. Send profile to prospective matches
  9. Managing offerings for clients (services master)
  10. Creating an invoice and sending it via email to clients 
  11. Dashboard and report
Matchmakers app - Customer Information
Matchmakers app - add Customer photo and Information

Technical requirements of Matchy

One of the following license is required to install Matchy

  • Platform Plus
  • CRM Performance Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Enterprise edition

Pricing of CRM for Matchmakers

The Matchy CRM app is available based on an annual recurring pricing (SaaS) model. Contact us to learn more about this application and its pricing.

How to Get Matchy – Matchmaker CRM?

The Matchy CRM app is available as a Salesforce Managed Package from Dhruvsoft. Contact us for demo and installation details.

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If you are a matchmaking firm or individual matchmaker or relationship broker – Matchy CRM is a tool you should be using.

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