DhruvSoft has the following products/solution accelerators developed on CRM

Property Solution in Cloud for CRM

DhruvSoft Property Cloud Solution Accelerator is an end-to-end ERP solution (that sits on top of CRM) for the Real Estate Industry used by Real Estate Developers, Real Estate Brokers, and Real Estate Management Companies.

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Order to Invoice for CRM

Order to Invoice for is an add-on for CRM that completes the cycle from Order to Payments. The Modules include – Conversion to Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice and Payments.

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Dealer Management System

Introducing our Dealer Management System (DMS) – a cutting-edge Cloud-based CRM solution for multi-brand pre-owned vehicle dealers, built on the Salesforce Platform. Tailored for both car and bike dealerships, our application streamlines inventory management, vehicle tracking, inspections, valuations, refurbishments, and more. Developed with Salesforce CRM integration, it offers flexibility and can function independently. Key features include prospect/contact profiling, buy/sell inquiry tracking, vehicle database search, and comprehensive reporting. Compatible with Salesforce Performance, Unlimited, Enterprise editions, or Platform Plus License. Explore a seamless buying and selling experience with our Pre-Owned Vehicle CRM/DMS – contact us for a demo and pricing.

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Dealer Management System

CRM For Matchmakers

Discover Matchy, the tailored CRM solution crafted for matchmakers and private brokers, leveraging the capabilities of Designed for simplicity, Matchy empowers users to efficiently handle client profiles, preferences, and day-to-day operations in the realm of matchmaking. From creating detailed profiles and incorporating family information to facilitating direct client updates and hassle-free invoicing, Matchy streamlines the entire process. It seamlessly integrates with Platform Plus, CRM Performance, Unlimited, and Enterprise editions, all with an annual pricing structure. Elevate your matchmaking experience with Matchy – connect with us for a user-friendly demo and straightforward installation guidance.

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CRM For Matchmakers

Multiple Activity Manager

The Multiple Activity Manager for, a free app by Dhruvsoft available on AppExchange, streamlines the task and event management process for users. This 100% native app allows for the creation and editing of multiple activities, including tasks and events, from a single, user-friendly page. Users can efficiently view and edit tasks and events for a specific date range, enhancing productivity. The app is designed to simplify end-of-day activity reporting and facilitate event planning for the next day, all within the platform. With customizable settings for activity pages, quick setup, and compatibility with various Salesforce editions, this app is a time-saving solution for Salesforce users. Install it from AppExchange to experience seamless activity management.

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Multiple Activity Manager

Opportunity To  Order

Introducing the Opportunity to Order Conversion app for, a free offering from Dhruvsoft available on AppExchange. This app streamlines the conversion process, allowing Salesforce CRM users to seamlessly convert an Opportunity into a Sales Order. Users can opt to link the Order to a Contract, eliminating the need for redundant data entry. Key features include the automatic copying of Opportunity line items to Sales Order line items, customizable field mapping, default value setting for Orders, and built-in validation checks. This app is compatible with Performance, Unlimited, Enterprise, and Professional editions, provided Sales Order is enabled in the organization. Simplify your conversion process by installing the Opportunity to Order Conversion app directly from AppExchange.

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Opportunity To  Order

Salesforce & Vendor Connector

Introducing the Salesforce to Vend Integration Connector by Dhruvsoft, a pre-built solution designed to seamlessly integrate CRM and Vend Point of Sale (POS) software. Ideal for businesses operating in retail, direct sales, and business services, this connector facilitates the synchronization of critical data such as Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Orders, and Products between and Vend. Key features include automatic data synchronization, the ability to select specific objects to sync, secure OAuth 2 authorization, and comprehensive logs for monitoring synchronization processes. This solution is compatible with CRM Enterprise or Unlimited Edition and requires a Vend paid edition. The pricing is based on customization requirements, and the connector is available as a solution accelerator. To experience a demonstration or implement this integration in your ORG, contact us today.

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Salesforce & Vendor Connector


SIVIO – Transforming Student Relationship Management for educational institutions. Our comprehensive solution, built on the Cloud Platform, streamlines the admission process, simplifies administrative tasks, and enhances the overall student experience. Discover how SIVIO can revolutionize your institute’s admissions, reengineering student acquisition, engagement, application management, and admissions processes. Benefit from features like efficient application management, an improved applicant experience, enhanced communication, centralized student data, intuitive reporting, and analytics. Developed by a team with over 100 years of combined experience, SIVIO prioritizes data security, compliance, and user-friendly functionality. Schedule a free demo to unlock the power of SIVIO and join organizations trusting it for seamless admissions and student onboarding.

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Sync Easy

Sync Easy, available on AppExchange, is a free app designed to simplify data management for administrators. This app enables the seamless copying of data from one Salesforce object to another, allowing users to create or update records based on defined field mappings and specified criteria. With scheduled intervals, users can automate this process, ensuring timely and accurate data synchronization. Key features include field mapping, criteria selection, interval scheduling, and automatic error logging for efficient troubleshooting. Sync Easy is compatible with Salesforce Performance, Unlimited, and Enterprise editions, offering a user-friendly solution without the need for programming. Experience streamlined data copying with Sync Easy – install it directly from AppExchange.

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ync Easy

Kol Management Solution 

Dhruvsoft’s KOL Management Solution for Pharma Companies is a comprehensive CRM software tailored for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Designed to enhance the management of relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and influential physicians shaping medical practices, the KOL-CRM solution empowers pharmaceutical salesforces to target, engage, and enrich connections with KOLs systematically. Key benefits include strengthening connections, tracking interactions, providing crucial KOL information, managing targeted activities and events, and facilitating communication. Core modules cover KOL profiles, additional information, influences, organizational memberships, publications, trials, engagement plans, activities, associated hospitals/institutions, campaigns, and collaborations. Contact Dhruvsoft for a detailed demonstration and discover how our KOL Management Solution can elevate your organization’s relationship management.

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Kol Management Solution