Why Dhruvsoft as your IT services partner?

Why choose us as your IT services partner? That is the question we also ask ourselves before we take any client assignment. If any assignment is not in our expertise area – we never take it. We promise what we can deliver and deliver what we promise. Our promise to deliver is proved by the numerous successful engagements we have done for our clients in India and across the world.

If you reading this you must have evaluated a few vendors already. You may have also developed a methodology or a framework on how to evaluate IT vendor located offshore like us in India. You must be wondering why chose the Software service provider in India?

Because we are the best choice for your IT needs

  • Fast Growing: More than 200 assignments in the last 4 years
  • Happiest Clients: More than 150 satisfied clients
  • Best Support: Correct and timely solutions by a dedicated support team
  • Highly Skilled Professionals: Best talent from Indian IT resource pool
  • Effective Project Management: Proven methodology.
  • Wide Experience: Salesforce.com CRM, Force.com App Development, Integration, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • One of the best Work Environment: Learning and growing culture
  • Quality Standards: Quality process as per international standards.
  • Perseverance: Our dedication to giving a solution for your needs. Dedication is in our name.

These are some of the reasons to chose us as your IT services partner or Software development partner located offshore at Hyderabad in India.