Dhruvsoft Offers Help to Business Affected by CoronaVirus / Covid-19

Dhruvsoft today announced Emergency help to businesses affected by CoronaVirus / Covid-19. In a press release Dhruvsoft announced that it will provide assistance to companies affected by CoronaVirus / Covid-19 in moving their essential operations to the cloud and enable their employees to work remotely. The offer includes free setup of Zoho Remotely Applications, setup of Salesforce.com and Zoho Applications at 1/2 of the rack rate, and emergency support for Salesforce.com, Zoho and Oracle Netsuite at highly reduced rates.

Providing the details company representative Sunil K. Indicated that, “Due to the unprecedented repercussions of CoronaVirus / Covid-19 many employees and vendors were affected resulting in service disruption for many companies. Considering the widespread impact of this situation we feel that it is time to give back to business and hence we are offering customers free services so that they can continue their business operations without disruption”

Dhruvsoft will be assisting customers move to Zoho Remotely – the remote working solution suite from Zoho. Dhruvsoft is an authorized reseller of Zoho applications for Business and recommends Zoho remotely to businesses that want to quickly move their business for remote operations as most of the employees may have to work from home. Zoho is offering Zoho remotely apps free of cost till July 1st 2020. As a responsible Zoho partner we are offering the free setup service for Zoho Remotely.

For most of the business applications companies can rely on cloud based applications from Salesforce.com, Oracle Netsuite and Zoho. Dhruvsoft will be offering limited free consulting services on these technologies to the businesses affected by Corona. 

Finally if you have your current vendor or employees affected – you can contact Dhruvsoft for an emergency service.

“Being a responsible company, it is our responsibility to act proactively in tough times and help fellow businesses recover,” says Sunil. He further added “We will be offering free consultation to affected businesses on finding the best alternative available to them in the current scenario. Business continuity is a major factor that business must take into account while taking long term IT decisions”

This special offer is available till 30th April 2020 and will be available only to companies affected directly by Corona / Covid – 19. The offer is available for Salesforce.com Services, Zoho Services, and Oracle NetSuite Services. For more information on Dhruvsoft and this offer contact us by using contact details below.

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