AppExchange Development

We provide AppExchange Development Services to develop applications that can be deployed on App marketplace – AppExchange. Appexchange helps more than 2000 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to reach thousands of customers offering applications that either extend CRM functionality or provide a solution entirely different from Salesforce CRM.

We have extensive expertise and knowledge to develop applications that will be deployed on the Appexchange.

Our Appexchange Development Services Include

  1. Appexchange App planning
  2. Appexchange App Development
  3. Appexchange Security Review Assistance
  4. Appexchange Management

Appexchange App planning

We offer services helping ISVs with Appexchange App planning. Right from choosing the app to build – whether a native app or a hybrid app, to planning for the entire life-cycle of the Appexchange app development – we offer entire range of services. Our Appexchange App planning services include:

  • App Architecture Blueprint
  • App Prototype development
  • Competitive analysis
  • Go to market app strategy

Appexchange App Development

We have the experienced consultants to help you with the Appexchange App design, development and packaging. Our Appexchange App Development services include:

  • App Design
  • App Development
  • App Packaging
  • Custom Connector
  • Adapter Development
  • Product migration to

Appexchange Security Review Assistance

Before getting listed all Appexchange products are required to pass a security review conducted by Security Team. Our consultants can conduct an external review, and can guide during the security review process. Our Appexchange Security Review Assistance services include:

  • External Security Review
  • Security Review Assistance

Appexchange Management

Already have an application listed or ready to be listed on Appexchange? Our Appexchange Management are cost effective and efficient services to list and manage the apps on Appexchange. Our Appexchange Management services include

  • Appexchange Launch
  • Appexchange marketing
  • Appexchange Support
  • App support
  • Customer Training

Connect with us if you are an ISV looking for cost effective and efficient  partner for Appexchange related services.