CRM Testing Services

DhruvSoft offers CRM Testing Services including Functional testing, Unit Testing, Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Load Testing, Deployment testing, and Security Testing. We offer On Demand, Project based or Dedicated resources for testing Services of and Apps. Our testing professionals are typically either Certified Administrators or Certified developers. We work on testing assignments for projects that follow agile as well as traditional software lifecycles. Manual and Automated Testing

  • Manual Testing: manual software testing includes the testing of App using a human using a methodical approach
  • Automated Testing: automated testing as an approach typically involves a computer program to test a or app. We work on client recommended automated testing tools. We have exposure to AssureClick, Selenium, QTP etc. CRM Testing:

  • Functional testing: We offer Functional Testing that tests or Apps functional components. We offer both
  • Unit Testing: Functional testing for discrete functionality without the context of business process
  • Process Testing: Functional testing using the business process scenarios.
  • Load testing:  Automated load testing based on predefined test plan.
  • Security testing:  Testing the Checking the Security model, Role and Profile based access

We can assist clients to perform Sandbox testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), UAT Support, Production Testing, Deployment Testing and Regression Testing. Ad-hoc or Exploratory Testing

  • CRM ad-hoc testing: A quick approach to perform testing with least information
  • CRM exploratory testing: In this our testing consultants work on application and gain the understainging of its functionality to create a functions map. They then use the functions map to create and execute the test cases.

Salesforce Testing Methodology Testing Engagement Models

  • On Demand Testing: Under this model we can provide an experienced software Testing Consultant at a short notice for a period of three days to few months (on an ongoing basis).
  • Dedicated Testing Project:  We perform Testing based on predefined scope and milestones. Typically dedicated projects are on fixed price / bid basis.
  • Shared Testing Support:  In this model we offer a shared resource for few hours everyday on an ongoing basis for a monthly fee. The CRM testing consultant will work for predefined hours every day / week on the project. Testing execution models

  • offshore testing:  Most of our testing services are provided from our offshore location at Hydrabad, India.
  • onsite / onshore testing: In cases if client demans the testing resources can be deployed onsite or onshore location of our client.

If you are an organization implementing CRM – irrespective of whether it is a large or small deployment – we have a CRM testing offering for you. Alternatively if you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) looking for testing your application – we can work with you to device and execute a successful testing plan for your app. Contact us to know more about our / testing service offerings.

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