Pardot Quickstart Implementation

The Quickstart Pardot Implementation Service 2-week package provides clients with a quick and effective way to start with Pardot implementation. The 2-week Pardot Quickstart package ensures that you start with all the key features of Pardot.

This is a two-week remote service package where Business Process Review Sessions and other client interactions are conducted online using online meetings. After the Business Process Review session, our Pardot consultants will map your requirements to Pardot and ensure that the software is configured to meet the requirements of the project.

Pardot Quickstart

We will assist you in getting a quick start with following functionality

  • Email Setup, IP Setup
  • Email Templates
  • Forms
  • Segmentation, Scoring, and Rating
  • Nurture Campaign
  • Landing page
  • Mailing Lists
  • Website page tracking
  • Automation

Quick Start Pardot Implementation Service 2-week Plan

Pre Project
  • One-hour project kick-off call to plan & coordinate
Day 1
  • Pardot Requirements Gathering
  • Pardot related Business Process Review
  • Pardot Requirements Analysis
Day 2
  • Design Quick Start
  • Setup Environment
Day 3
  • Setup email authentication for high email deliverability
  • Setup vanity domain (CNAME) to mask Pardot links
  • Setup IP whitelisting
  • Setup tracking codes for pages on pages where we want to track visitors
Day 4
  • Integrate Pardot with Salesforce
  • Add pardot related fields to the Salesforce leads and contacts pages
  • Add up to 30 custom fields in Pardot and set up the sync
  • Initiate the first import of all contacts from Salesforce into Pardot
Day 5
  • Marketing Setup
    • Email Templates based on Client provided HTML (2 nos)
    • Forms (2 nos)
Day 6
  • Marketing Setup
    • Segmentation, Scoring and Rating
    • Nurture Campaign (1 No.)
Day 7
  • Marketing Setup
    • Landing page with HTML provided by client (1 Nos.)
    • Mailing Lists (10 Nos.)
Day 8
  • Marketing Setup
    • Website page tracking (20 pages.)
    • Automation (10 Nos.)
Day 9
  • Initiate Campaign
  • Prepare custom Training documentation (this documentation can be used to train new employees)
Day 10
  • Training on Pardot & Configuration (2-4 Hours)
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • We will provide training on the Pardot configuration for 2 hours


  • Business Process review
  • Configured Pardot Application with Data Sync
  • Knowledge-transfer document
  • User Training
  • Administration KT Session

Additional services

  • Additional data can be imported (Charged separately).
  • Additional training can be provided as required(Charged separately). 

Pardot Quickstart Pricing

The fee for the 2-week Pardot QuickStart is US$ 3000

Contact us today to schedule a free one-hour consultation to evaluate if Pardot Quick Start Deployment is recommended for your business. If you have a custom requirement write to us for a custom quote.