Salesforce to Vend Integration Connector

Salesforce to Vend Integration is a pre-built connector to integrate CRM and Vend Point of Sales software. While is the leading Customer Relationship Management software in the Cloud; Vend is a Cloud based  Point of Sale (POS) software for retail outlets. There are many companies that use both and Vend for their operations. They typically operate in retail, business and direct sales business. In such cases there is a need to integrate Accounts, Contacts, Orders and Products between these two systems.

Salesforce to Vend Integration solution offered by Dhruvsoft is a pre build integration connector of for Vend. The connector developed in uses Vend API to exchange the information between and Vend.

Salesforce to Vend Integration Connector

Key features of Salesforce to Vend Connector

  • Automatic data synchronization between and Vend
  • Sync Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Orders and Products in Salesforce
  • Sync Register Sales, Customers and Products in Vend
  • Ability to select what objects to sync
  • Can chose between Orders or Opportunity to sync with register Sales
  • Manage Initial sync for bulk data in a separate process
  • View logs to check all the sync processes
  • Secure authorization using OAuth 2

Vend to IntegrationObjects synchronized between CRM and Vend

  • Accounts / Contacts ( CRM) with Customers (Vend) (2 way)
  • Opportunities ( CRM) with Register Sales (Vend) (Vend to Salesforce)
  • Orders ( CRM) with Register Sales (Vend) (Vend to Salesforce)
  • Products ( CRM) with Products (Vend) (Salesforce to Vend)

Edition Requirements

  • CRM Enterprise or Unlimited Edition
  • Vend paid edition

Pricing of to Vend Integration

  • Salesforce to Vend Integration is available as a solution accelerator which will be customized to your requirements. The pricing depends on your requirements of customization from the core solution. Contact us for pricing.

How to get Salesforce to Vend Integration connector

Salesforce to Vend Integration Connector is available as a ‘Package’ to be installed in your ORG.

To see a demonstration or to get this product for your ORG contact us.