Dealer Management System – CRM for Pre Owned Vehicle Dealers

Dealer Management System or CRM for Pre Owned Vehicle Dealers is a Cloud based DMS developed on the Salesforce Platform. With our DMS (Dealer Management System) application, we solve key challenges faced by multi-brand pre owned vehicle automobile dealers. The application is specifically designed for pre owned automobile dealers (cars, bikes etc) and it can be used for both purchase and sale of old automobiles.

Dealer Management System or CRM for Pre Owned Vehicle Dealers is an application that helps users store and maintain key data points, so that they can deliver buy / sell vehicles to customers, and service them, based on their demands.

This application is developed on Platform and can work with Salesforce CRM as an add-on or can be used on the Salesforce Platform as an independent application.

With this application the dealers can maintain an inventory of multi-brand vehicles. The dealer will not be forced to have stock cars from just one company. They can keep inventory of all makes of cars and/or bikes.

The application allows dealers to handle refurbishments – old cars that are purchased can be modified as required, and the cost of refurbishment can be tracked. Dealers can use this application to track the warranty coverage. Also there are features for vehicle assessor to carry out inspection and value the pre owned vehicles.

Features of Pre-Owned Vehicles Dealer CRM App

Following are key features of Pre Owned Vehicles Dealer CRM / DMS Application

  • Maintain Profiles of Prospects / Contacts
  • Track Vehicles – Vehicle Specifications, Prior Ownership, Vehicle Images / Photos
  • Tracking Vehicle Buy Enquiry
  • Tracking Vehicle Sell Enquiry
  • Search Vehicle Database based on Buyer Requirements
  • Tracking of Vehicle Inspections and Valuation
  • Tracking of vehicle Refurbishments
  • Vehicle Costing / Pricing
  • Creating and sending offers to sellers
  • Creating and sending quotations to buyers
  • Reports and Dashboards
Dealer Management System Vehicle Database
Dealer Management System Vehicle Images

Technical requirements of Pre Owned Vehicle DMS app

The application is developed on platform and is available as Managed Package for following Salesforce Licenses:

  • Salesforce CRM any one of Performance, Unlimited, Enterprise editions
  • OR Platform Plus License

How to get Pre Owned Vehicle CRM / DMS 

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Pre Owned Vehicle CRM / DMS is available on a per user based license – SaaS model (annual pricing). Contact us to get a quote / pricing for Pre Owned Vehicle CRM / DMS.

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Dhruvsoft’s team of expert application developers have created Pre Owned Vehicle CRM / DMS application for the seamless purchase and sale of used cars/bikes on a single platform. Connect with team of DMS / CRM expert Salesforce Consultants to get a demo of how this app works.