Order to Invoice for Salesforce.com

Salesforce.com Order to InvoiceDhruvSoft Order to Invoice for Salesforce.com is an extension to Salesforce.com CRM with features to add Sales Orders, Delivery Orders, Invoices and Payments. The standard Salesforce.com functionality caters to process up to Sales Order. With this product organizations can extend the Salesforce.com functionality up to the receipt of payment.

Order to Invoice Features

  • Opportunity or Quote Convert to Sales Order
  • Sales Order (Standard Object)
  • Delivery Order
  • Invoice
  • Payment
  • Default Settings

Software requirements

Order to Invoice can be used for Salesforce.com Enterprise Edition or its custom components can be used with Force.com Enterprise Edition Licenses. This is an unmanaged package hence the Salesforce.com ORG limits apply.


Order to Invoice is installed in any Salesforce.com ORG as a package and will be customized for the client requirements.


The pricing of this solution accelerator depends on customization required. Please contact us for pricing.