Quick Start with Salesforce.com CRM Services

We understand that Salesforce.com is one of the crucial investments for your company and you want to get it implemented effectively very fast. We also understand the budget constraints that businesses have; and why it is important for them to get the fast return on investment in CRM.

With our Quick Start Salesforce.com services we will help your company realize immediate results for SFDC implementation. Quick Start will cater to the specific requirements of your business where our consultants will work with your business team to give solutions that address your business objectives and aid in your success.

Dhruv Soft offers 1 week and 2 week Quick Start implementation packages and 1 week optimize package. These packages are for Group / Professional / Enterprise / Unlimited Editions of SFDC. The packages are offered for either Service Cloud or Sales Cloud.

  1. Quick Start Salesforce.com Implementation Service for Professional Edition – 2 weeks
  2. Quickstart Salesforce.com Implementation Services for Enterprises / Unlimited Edition – 3 weeks
  3. Quick Salesforce.com Service Optimization – 1 week
  4. Quick Start Salesforce.com for Non Profit Organizations – 1 week

If you work with traditional consulting firms on deploying a new CRM system – you will be given an impression that CRM implementations are long and expensive process. If this is what is stopping you from taking the step ahead with Salesforce.com CRM implementation – think again as Dhruv Soft has specially designed Quickstart Deployment packages for you.

We will take end to end responsibility of implementing SFDC. We can get your Salesforce.com CRM up and running in as little as 1 or 2 weeks at a cost that’s just fraction of fat fee charged by large consulting firms.

Contact us today for a free One hour consultation to evaluate if Salesforce.com Quick start deployment is good for your business.