White Label Salesforce Consulting / Development Services

We offer White Label Salesforce.com Consulting / Development Services to clients worldwide. With the help of our White Label Salesforce.com services you can rapidly extend your Salesforce practice / Services.

What are the advantages of White Label Salesforce Services

Your organization can save over 50% of your Local Cost due to offshore advantage that our white label Services can provide. You can simply ‘Start’ and ‘Offer’ the services to your client from day 1. We work with you, on all stages of your customer lifecycle. When working with us your company will be free from any recruitment expense, any overheads associated with resources, or any legal employment liability. We office short term and long term contracts – you can hire us even for a single month.

Whether White Label Salesforce Services are for you?

Whether you are currently a small Salesforce consulting business wanting to expand, or a large consulting practice looking to augment another line of service – we have solutions for you.

If you are looking to save cost, ramp up your team fast or derisk your business – our White Label Salesforce.com Consulting / Development Services can help you reduce costs.

Our White Label Salesforce Services are used both by Salesforce.com Appexchange Vendors (ISV Partenrs) and Salesforce.com Consulting Partners.

How the White Label Salesforce Services work?

We assign a dedicated team for every client where you will have dedicated resources working under experienced team leaders. We have a skilled team of over 35 Salesforce.com resources including skilled administrators and developers. Our developers can communicate with you or end customers (if required) in English through Email, Web Meeting or Instant Messaging. If required we can use a virtual voice number of your office to communicate.

We offer guarantee of not contacting your clients directly on our own.

Normally we work in Indian Time Zone. However if required we can do maximum overlap with your company’s timezone.

With our white label communication we will ensure that your clients will always remain your clients. We will normally not interact with your clients and client communication will be handled by your representatives unless authorized by you. If permitted our resources will use your company emails and branding to communicate with your client – and they will ensure that our identity is never revealed.

Services offered under White Label

We offer Salesforce.com White Label Services throughout the project life cycle:

  • Salesforce.com Implementation
  • Salesforce.com Administration
  • Salesforce Monitoring & Support
  • Application Migration to Salesforce.com
  • Force.com Development
  • Appexchange App Development
  • Salesforce.com / Force.com Integration
  • Data Management (Data Transformation, Data migration)

Connect with us to know more about our White Label services.