We provide Testing services for the deployments and Custom or Appexchange apps. We have extensive experience in testing cloud based, multi-tenant apps on We have proven testing methods and processes designed for Testing.

Our Testing services include: Functional Testing

We offer Functional Testing to validate business functionality of the application against intended functionality. Our Functional Testing services include:

  • Business process Testing
  • User Experience Testing
  • Security Testing (User Roles & Profile based access testing) Code Review & Testing (Unit Testing) offer code review and testing to ensure that your Apex and Visualforce code is efficient and meets the Testing requirements. This is similar (but not same) as Unit Testing in conventional software development. Our Code Review & Testing services include:

  • Code Review
  • Test methods & Test Data preparation Performance Testing

We help customers with performance testing and load testing to test the performance issues and stability of the product at high load. Our Performance Testing services include:

  • Load Simulation testing
  • Performance testing

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