KOL Management Solution for Pharma Companies

KOL CRM Software for Pharma and Life SciencesKOL Management Solution for Pharma Companies helps them manage the relationship with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Key Opinion Leaders are physicians who influence their peers’ medical practice, including but not limited to prescribing behavior. Pharmaceutical business need a methodical approach and system to target, engage, and enrich the relationships with KOLs. Dhruvsoft’s Key Opinion Leaders Customer Relationship Management (KOL-CRM) solution empowers the salesforce of these companies to effectively manage and track KOL relationships.

Key benefits of KOL CRM

The key benefits of the KOL Relationship Management Solution are:

  • Strengthen the connect between KOLs and Organization
  • Track all conversations and interactions with KOLs
  • Provide key information about KOL to make better decisions
  • Manage activities / events targeted for KOLs
  • Communicate and engage with KOLs

Key Modules of KOL – CRM

The core modules of KOL CRM solution include:

  • KOL / KOL Profile – Contact Information, Social Profile
  • KOL Additional Information
    • Influences
    • Influenced by
    • Organization Membership
    • Publications
    • Trials
  • KOL Engagement Plan
  • KOL Activities
  • Associated Hospital / Institution
  • Campaigns
  • Collaboration

See a demonstration of KOL Management Solution

We can organize an online demonstration of the KOL solution for your organization. Contact us (Dhruvsoft – a leading KOL Management Solution Provider) for a detailed demonstration of this product.