Free App: Opportunity to Order Conversion in Salesforce

Available on AppexchangeOpportunity to Order Conversion for is a free App on Appexchange by Dhruvsoft helps CRM users to “Convert” an Opportunity to a “Sales Order”. When Salesforce users use this app to convert an Opportunity they also have an option to optionally link Order to a Contract. This free app reduces the double entry of data where the users can easily create a Sales Order based on a successful opportunity.

Opportunity to Order Conversion for

Features of Opportunity to Order Conversion for

  • Convert an Opportunity to Sales Order Order
  • Opportunity line items get copied to Sales order line items
  • Optionally relate a contract to the order
  • Settings for custom field mapping of fields on Opportunity and Order
  • Setting to Set default value of Order upon conversion
  • Inbuilt validation to check if the Opportunity is already converted

The Opportunity to Order Conversion App copies the relevant information from Opportunity, Opportunity Line Items, Account and Contract to Sales Order and Sales Order Line Items.

Requirements Opportunity to Order Conversion for

  • Works with Performance, Unlimited, Enterprise and Professional editions
  • Sales Order should be enabled in ORG

Install Opportunity to Order Conversion for

Click on the link below to install this app directly from Appexchange

Opportunity to Order Conversion for