Managed Offshore Development

When you use Dhruvsoft ODC service you get an opportunity to extend your software teams by employing in your projects specialists normally located in different geographical region (India) with a tangibly lower cost structure in order to magnify cost reduction. Some of the key reasons which justify to looking for ODC include need to decrease and control operating costs, and gain access to hard-to-find software / engineering resources, and minimize risks.

Through Dhruvsoft ODC service client can enhance different software groups such as development team, test team, technical support, IT support, etc. Size of team extension is either fixed or dynamic depending on client project needs. Team extension might include full-time assignees as well as part-time assignees. Team extension service utilizes either client’s or DhruvSoft process to operate remote team.

What is included in Managed ODC Services

Dhruvsoft offers a complete set of management services for offshore development center, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Personnel selection, recruiting, retention, motivation, performance management, training
  • Adaptation and institution of appropriate technical and non-technical processes and procedures at DhruvSoft to meet needs of specific client project
  • Offshore IT infrastructure setup and management
  • Work facilities management
  • Relationship management with employees and consultants involved into client projects in accordance with acting Indian legislation comprising on local taxes, intellectual property, and confidentiality

ODC engagement models

The Offshore Development Center (ODC) engagement models include:

Fully owned by client: Premises, employees, equipment are fully owned by client. Dhruvsoft provides managerial / administrative inputs. Client pays salary to employees, rents and managing fee to Dhruvsoft.
Fully owned by Dhruvsoft: Premises, employees, equipment are owned and managed by Dhruvsoft. Client pays a a fixed fee per employee deployed.
Hybrid: A model between above two approaches

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