Multi-country CRM Implementation in Single ORG – Case Study Single vs Multi OrgDhruvsoft has done a multi-country, multi-currency CRM Implementation in Single ORG (as against multiple ORG) with separate customization requirements for each country.

One of the key challenge in the project was having the separate development teams for each region handling the separate customization and development requirements.


Multinational Medical Devices Manufacturing Company from Europe


Client is a leading multinational company manufacturing Medical Devices. They wanted to implement CRM for all the entities in multiple countries. To ensure best practices and data consolidation they wanted to do a multi country deployment in Single ORG across different entities.

Since each region was faily independent – they had their own business requirements and hence theier own teams. Each region had its own customization requirements – both declarative and programmatic. Each region had separate language, currency and localization needs. Each region had its own workflows and approval processes.


multi-country-salesforce-com-crm-implementationDhruvsoft has evaluated the pros and cons of a Single v/s Multiple ORGs implementation of CRM. DhruvSoft has formulated a multicounty deployment approach for in their existing Single ORG. The approach ensured various regions to coexist in same ORG while their customization and business rules are retained for their own ORGs. The approach presented by Dhruvsoft recommended the implementation approach for various components including  Sharing Model, Role Hierarchy, Languages, Currencies, Profiles, Customization of Objects, Record Types, Sales Process, Workflow rules, Valication Rules, Custom Development like Triggers and VF pages.

Technical / Business expertise

DhruvSoft has executed project for this client with expertise and knowledge in Solution Architecture, Business Process Definition, Customization, Development, Data upload and Administration. One of the key deliverable was the ‘multicounty deployment approach’ that helped client development teams in various countries collaborate and control the development process. Apart from formulating the overall approach Dhruvsoft was involved in doing the customization and deployment for Indian entity of the organization.

Outcome was implemented and deployed successfully for France and Indian entities of the company. Subsequent regions are in the process of being added.