The proven cloud platform for the social enterprise

Enterprise application development with traditional software has always been too complex, too slow, and too expensive. A new model called cloud computing has emerged over the last decade to address these problems. Applications that run in the “cloud” are delivered as a service so companies don’t have to buy and maintain hardware and software to run them–or huge IT teams to manage and maintain complicated deployments. pioneered cloud computing with our comprehensive CRM application suite. More recently, we’ve opened up our infrastructure so everyone can use it for custom application development. With’s cloud platform, you can build any business application and run it on our servers.

Just as cloud-based Salesforce CRM has become the leading CRM solution, the application development world is beating a path to the platform and its unlimited power to innovate. is revolutionizing custom application development, making it possible to quickly create robust, enterprise-class solutions for almost any business need.

Build custom employee apps on a proven cloud platform is the proven cloud platform for building and running social, mobile, and real-time employee apps. Apps that automate and extend your business processes. Apps with workflow and analytics. Apps that are mobile and social. All built using our visual tools, library of components, and open APIs.

See for yourself why more than 240,000 apps have been built on


Build powerful customer apps
Heroku is the leading cloud platform for building and deploying social and mobile customer applications. Built on open standards, Heroku supports multiple frameworks, databases, and languages—including Java and Ruby. Developers love Heroku because they can leverage their existing skillsets, work with the tools they choose, and keep their focus on building amazing apps. See for yourself why more than 170,000 customer applications have been built on Heroku.

See for yourself why more than 240,000 apps have been built on

Integrate the social enterprise

The proven cloud database for your social enterprise is the proven, multitenant cloud database for integrating the social enterprise. It’s open, massively scalable, and automatically elastic–processing more than 36 billion transactions and 13 billion custom objects per quarter. was built from the ground up to power this new generation of social and mobile applications. Data feeds, profiles, groups, comments, and “likes” provide a framework for end users to collaborate within the context of a customer’s business data. Open APIs allow you to build apps in any language and on any platform, and deploy your apps on any mobile device.

See for yourself why 100,000+ companies trust–including some of the world’s most security–conscious organizations.


Build websites at the speed of social, without IT

Siteforce, a new Web CMS (content management system) in the cloud, lets marketers build and update websites quickly, without waiting for IT. The drag-and-drop studio makes it easier than ever to design websites and add social features. And, with a built-in content delivery network, Siteforce delivers blazing fast load times no matter how quickly your traffic grows.