Office 365 Pilot & Trial

Office 365 Pilot & Trial services from DhruvSoft enables you to experience the Office 365 services within your own business environment. In Office 365 Pilot service you will be evaluating the features & functionality of Office 365 while demonstrating the value of the Cloud through a Proof of Concept.

With Office 365 Pilot, organisations can leverage knowledge and experience of Dhruv Soft in evaluating Office 365 vis-a-vis organisation’s IT strategy. By doing a minimum investment in pilot your company can establish the suitability of Office 365’s for the organization wide roll out.

What is included in Office 365 Pilot?

Dhruv Soft can provide our customers with a 25-user end-to-end pilot users deployment. One of key take away of this offering is real time pilot in your actual environment with your real users. We also help you with building a business case for Office 365 in your organization.

The key activities in the Office 365 Pilot include:

1.  Pilot planning
2.  Installation of prerequisite products
3.  Active Directory Services configuration for Single Sign-On or SSO (Optional)
4.  Setting up the domain, Network etc
5.  Creating accounts creation
6.  SharePoint sites (if required)

  • File Share / Document library
  • Intranet/Extra-net/Website/Partner site
  • Team, Function or Department sites
  • Blogs, Wikis

7.  Unified Messaging integration & Configuration
8.  Analysis of costs and benefits to the organization

This above pilot process has been extremely successful for some of our clients. The pilot offers a chance to organisations to evaluate and embrace the features available in Office 365 without any stoppage of their normal business operations or without any heavy investment.

Microsoft office 365 Trial

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