Office 365 Deployment & Migration

Microsoft Online Deployment

Before you take the migration effort, you can go for a pilot during which your pilot users can use the application and its featured.

During the messaging pilot, the environment related issues are addressed and migrated data is confirmed. After successful execution of the pilot, customers can proceed to migrate the mail files of all of their users with the comfort that the process will be seamless and result in effective migration of data.

Coexist and Migrate

Before you take the migration effort, we recommend Coexistence. Coexistence of Microsoft Office 365 with your existing applications will help to ease the user transition.

Coexistence helps in:

  • Exposing inherent discrepancies between the Microsoft and your existing platforms
  • Ensuring high data fidelity
  • Provide accurate calendar data integration

Directly Migrate

Application migrations generally follow a messaging migration. Our consultants can handle full life cycle Microsoft Office 365 migration.

Pricing details: Ask for pricing of Microsoft Office 365 Deployment & Migration, which depends on nature of assignment and size of organization