Office 365 Readiness Assessment

Our three-day readiness assessment will provide your organization with the knowledge and insight to make the right implementation and configuration choices in order to execute on a well thought-out Microsoft Office 365 implementation road map.

Objective: To assist your organization’s technical and business representatives with the design decisions, configuration strategies, and planning associated with a successful Microsoft Office 365 Implementation. Using real-world examples and whiteboard sessions, this three-day assessment will provide your organization with the answers required for executing the Microsoft Office 365 projects.

Key Assessment Activities:

  • Review of your usage and strategy of Services
  • Demonstration of Microsoft Office 365 features
  • Evaluation of your existing hardware and software infrastructure
  • Assessment of your existing environment
  • Discussion of your current and future governance policies .
  • Identification of any potential implementation challenges.
  • Analysis and validation of implementation timeline and organizational readiness.

Our experts will make a formal presentation of all findings and will deliver a summary document, including an action plan.

Pricing details: Ask for pricing which depends on nature of assignment and size of organization