Moving Email to Google Apps

Deryck on Moving Email to Google Apps

Excerpts from article “Deryck on Moving Email to Google Apps” an article in a leading Australian website

Email is so very important to business. And yet working with a lot of different small businesses, I am regularly amazed at how much of a problem it can be.

Recently Deryck, MD of Boshack (one of our OM4Tourism clients) migrated his business to Google Apps – he paid $45 (that is $42 in USD) to make it happen. With Google Apps, he now has his Gmail running from consolidated email addresses at his own domain, calendaring, docs and other applications to run his business from Google – all with a single login for each person and at zero ongoing cost.
Glenn: You used one of Google’s services partners (based in India) to do the setup for you – what was it like?

Deryck: I can’t speak highly enough of him. To help someone like me (with a technical ranking of 2 out of 10) he had to be very patient. This he was and very direct with very simple answers. Sunil was the man, although I think they pick a name and others answer on his behalf. But all very good.

Ed. Link to Sunil in Google Apps Solution Marketplace: Dhruvsoft
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