Google Mini Setup Services / Deployment

We offer Google Mini Search deployment services and support in India. Our remote Deployment services for Google Mini are fastest way of implementing Mini in your organization. We also offer Google Mini telephone, email & remote access support.

The Google Mini offers the simplicity and power of Google’s universal search technology at a great price. An integrated hardware and software solution, the Mini offers true plug-and-play installation and can be purchased online. Whether you’re looking to search your company’s internal information or your public website, the Mini has the features for your business.

Search your corporate data and improve employee productivity: With the Google Mini, you can offer employees relevant and secure search across intranets, file servers, and business applications. Employees’ familiarity with Google’s user interface from searching on will facilitate adoption in your enterprise, and instant access to corporate information will make them more productive.

Add search to your public website for increased conversion rates and page views: If you operate a public website, you probably already know that your visitors rely on search to find products and information on your site. When visitors cannot find what they search for, they leave your site. With relevant search results, they’ll be more likely to purchase from and return to your website.

The Google Mini’s relevant search results and customizable user interface make it a perfect solution for website search. Integration with Google Sitemaps also makes it easy to submit your website for inclusion in search results. The Google Mini works with over 220 different file formats and its integration with existing security systems ensures that employees can only access information they are supposed to view.

  • Index and search over 220 file types on web and file servers
  • Get real-time results from business applications
  • Ensure information security with support for LDAP-based security systems
  • Customize search results to integrate with your site design
  • 300,000 max document capacity

Dhruvsoft offers Remote Deployment services for Google Mini

  • Remote services are fastest way of deployment
  • Includes telephone, email & remote access support