Google Message Security – Postini Setup

Note: We are not taking any new clients for Google Message Security or Postini. We no more offer Google Message Security – Postini Services or Licenses.

Google Message Security licenses, setup, and support services from India were offered by Dhruvsoft earlier till 2012. We have implemented Google Message Security for customers having diverse email system across the world.

Google Message Security (Email Security from Postini)

Google Message Security powered by Postini, helps keep your email free from spam, viruses, phishing, and other email threats.

Google email security is a hosted solution that blocks spam and other threats well before they reach your enterprise. Unlike legacy products, it requires no hardware or software to install and maintain, thus greatly reducing your IT resource requirements and costs.

Google Message Security Setup & Support

Dhruvsoft used to provide services for Google Message Security deployment in your environment. Our remote setup approach enabled clients to deploy Google Message Security (Postini) within a very short time. Whether they had five users or five hundred – the clients form across the world trusted Dhruvsoft to deliver.