Google Apps User Training

If you are planning to deploy Google Apps or have already migrated – Google Apps Training is one of the critical step to ensure change and buy in from users. We recommend you not to struggle with of training your users on Google Apps? Our experienced Google Apps Trainers can help you get your users trained on Google Apps for a faster adoption of new services. Here are highlights of our Google Apps Training services:

  • Learn Google Mail, Calendar & Talk
  • Understand, Learn to collaborate using Google Docs
  • Create Google Sites for Your Domain

Your users in a two hour program, will be trained remotely (by sharing PCs online) on how use the Google Apps Control Panel, Google Calendar, Google Mail, Google Docs, Google Talk, Start Page, Google Video and Google Sites. This Google Apps Training course is advisable for users companies who are transitioning from an office environment to a Google Apps environment. Our Google Apps Instructors will guide you through best practices of using Google Apps in your business.

User Training of Google Apps

Some of the topics covered in Google Apps User Training are:

Google Mail: Learn how to use Google email, Mail overview, Composing messages, Managing conversations, Searching Mail, Using labels and stars, Managing contacts, Chatting, Opening attachments in Docs & Spreadsheets, Creating signatures and vacation responders, Applying filters Using forwarding, POP, IMAP, mobile access, using Google lab features, Calendar events

Google Calendar: Learn how to use Google Calendar, viewing Calendar, Adding and changing events, Searching Calendar, Multi-calendaring, Setting up notifications, Sharing Calendar, Working with invitations, Scheduling resources,

Google Docs: Learn how to use Google Docs, adding files to Docs, Editing documents, Formulating spreadsheets, Creating presentations, Previewing and printing, Organizing your Docs, Sharing Docs, Collaborating on documents, Teaming up on spreadsheets, Conducting online presentations, Publishing your Docs Google

Google Sites: Learn how to use Google Sites, creating Google Sites, sharing Google sites, using Gadgets on Google Sites, using templates, publishing sites for public view

Start Page: Learn how to use Google Start Page, customizing Start Page, creating links on start page, custom modules, searching and adding gadgets to start page.

In the two hour remote training our trainers will ensure that your users have good understanding of Google Apps services, and how to take benefit out of that. Our Google Apps training program is very interactive and hands on. Everything is explained and demonstrated simultaneously. If possible users are asked to individually do the steps on their PC – thus making the learning more effective.

Our Google Apps Training module can be customized for your needs. If required our experts will do a training assessment for Google Apps and recommend the custom training program for your organization.

We also provide custom Google Apps training and training for Google Apps administrators. If you need more information on our Google Apps training services please – contact us.

Our other Google Apps services include – Google Apps Support, Google Apps custom Start Page and Sites, Google Apps for Education, and Google Apps for Non profit.