Frequently asked questions about Google Apps Setup

These are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Google Apps and Google Apps Setup Services from Dhruvsoft.

What is required from me for setting up Google Apps for my domain?

All we need is just few details related to your Google Apps account and domain:

  • A domain selected to be used with Google Apps e.g. (
  • Administrative control / access at your Names Server (NS) for your domain (also knows as DNS control panel)
  • A Google Apps account. (If you don’t have one, don’t worry we will help you in signup).

If I pay how will you link my payment to setup?

Once you pay using Paypal above we will get the intimation from Paypal that you have paid for the Google Apps Setup. We will contact you at the email id you specify in PayPal. We recommend you to enter your correct email and phone number so that we make no mistake while contacting you for your Google Apps setup.

Note: Please enter your correct email id, address and phone number while making payment. We will contact you within one working day. If you need any assistance you can write to us at:

How secure is the Payment? Are there any other payment alternatives for Google Apps setup?

Our payments are processed through PayPal Secure Payments. PayPal securely (https) processes payments for Dhruvsoft. You can finish paying in a few clicks. You can pay without revealing your debit or credit card numbers, or your bank account details. There’s no need to enter your address details. You can pay even you don’t have a PayPal account by clicking link on the secure landing page at payPal. You can use your credit card (Visa, Master, Amex, etc) or bank account (where available).

What if I want to contact you?

If you need any assistance regarding Google Apps Setup or other services you can contact us using one of the following options:

Write to us at
Call us at US number (646) 233 1107
Skype us at sunilk123
Chat with us by clicking Live help link on any page

How much time it will take to complete the Google Apps setup?

Once we get the above information from you normally (as in 90% of cases) we complete the Google Apps Setup within 4-6 hours. Sometimes however DNS changes take time to propagate (which is not in our control) it may take up to 24 hours.

How many Google Apps setups you have done? What are your credentials? Do you have any references?

Hundreds of them – yes that is true. Ever since Google Apps has picked popularity in 2008 we are associated as a listed vendor in Google Enterprise Marketplace. In fact we were the first vendor from India to get a listing in Google Apps suppliers list. Many of our customers prefer not to write and many write openly to recommend us – you can read their reviews on Google Enterprise Marketplace.

I am not sure of which Google Apps edition to go for?

You can contact us to take out free evaluation service for selecting the right Google Apps edition. We will advise you if you go for Google Apps Business Edition (GABE) or Google Apps Free Edition (GAFE). We can help you build a business case for Google Apps. Alternatively you can go for trial of Google Apps premier Edition for 30 days.

What is included in free support with Google Apps setup packages?

Free support is either for 7, 30 or 90 days depending on the package you chose. In this we will resolve any issue related to your Google Apps setup at the DNS or domain level and using the Google Apps control panel.

I want to migrate my mails from previous provider? Will you help?

Yes of course we will. With Google Apps have options of moving mails using Google’s IMAP mail migration or using client level utilities. However mail migration is a separate service and more about it your can read here. If you want to know more just send us a email and we can discuss with you in details to evaluate which mail migration option will be best for you.

Why you are offering Google Apps setup services at such a low cost? While your competitors are charging more by two or three times your price?

We are able to offer you low cost services because we are located outside USA in India. We are not pretentious (unlike some of the other vendors) to say that we are from US. It is a fact that costs in India are lower and so we can offer you service at a lower cost. Although we have written a USA number above but we get the calls in India routed through internet. We believe it does not matter where one is located in delivering the service in today’s technology oriented world – what matters is whether we help you save your hard earned money (costs) so that you make more in your profits.

We are in different time zones – how will it affect in delivery of service?

Although we are in different time zones – we work in time (shifts) which is overlapping to your time zone. This gives us advantage of getting connected with you. We virtually work 24×7 to give you best of services for Google Apps.

What if you are not able to setup for me? Will I lose my money?

If for some reason (till date we have not encountered such case) the service is not delivered – your amount will be refunded as per the policies of PayPal.

What other services you offer related to Google Apps?

Some of our other Google Apps services include – Google Apps Training, Google Apps custom Start Page and Sites, Google Apps Support, Google Apps for Education, and Google Apps for Non profit. Our Google Apps services are listed in the menu in left sidebar.