What’s new in Salesforce.com Summer ’13 Webinar

Join us for the Webinar “What’s new in Salesforce.com Summer ’13” to learn about the newest Summer ’13 enhancements in Salesforce.com CRM.

The webinar series will provide updates on Salesforce.com Summer ’13 including shortcuts and tips for users and admins having detailed knowledge of Salesforce. We go beyond the basics and address the nuances that advanced users and admins need to know.

Topics covered:

  • Chatter Enhancements
  • Opportunity Splits
  • Customizable Price Books
  • Salesforce for Outlook Enhancements
  • Customer Service Enhancements
  • Salesforce Communities
  • Admin Enhancements
  • Analytics Enhancements


Thursday 6th June 2013

Pacific Time 9:00am
Central Time 11:00am
Eastern Time 12:00pm
London 5:00pm

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