Why you need CRM Implementation / Customization Services from a CRM consultant?

As a CRM customer you can use the CRM package without customizing it as most of the packages come with full out of box functionality. This out of box functionality may meet most of your needs – but you can achieve much more if you go for implementation and customization services from consultants.

Why you need CRM Implementation or Customization?

In this article we discuss the few reasons why you should go for implementation/customization:

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Zoho CRM best practices

Zoho CRM best practicesZoho CRM is one of the popularCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for small business. Worldwide many SMBs use Zoho CRM to manage their customer facing processes. This article explores some of the best practices for effectively using Zoho CRM.

What can you do with zoho crm?

Zoho CRM enables organizations manage their Prospects/Customers/Contacts in one place while helping them in tracking their Sales Pipeline and Forecasting. The users can track their Marketing Campaigns to evaluate the RoI of marketing efforts. The module related to Customer Support helps in Case and Solutions Management. For more detailed Customer support Zoho also has helpdesk and support softwares. Zoho CRm also helps users in Inventory Tracking and Supplier management.

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How to build a lean and effective CRM Consulting Practice

How to build a Lean and effective CRM Consulting PracticeIf you are in the process of setting up a new CRM consulting practice or business then this article has few takeaways for you. Having worked with some of the CRM consulting startups – helping them manage their non customer facing processes – we have come up with our recommendations for building an effective CRM consulting practice. We have helped many of our clients grow from a “Single person” consulting business and transform into a “Multi location, Multiple Consultant team” practice within a short period. [Read more…]

Marketing Campaigns & Lead Generation

Marketing Campaigns

Tips for successful Marketing Campaigns & Lead Generation

In this post we will be focussing on Marketing Campaigns & Lead Generation. This is part of series of posts on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) providing you best practices and tips to get the best out of your CRM initiative.

What are Marketing Campaigns?

Marketing Campaigns are initiatives that generate leads or prospects for your business. The Marketing Campaigns can be Inbound or Outbound. [Read more…]

CRM Solutions for pharmaceutical industry

Pharma industry and CRMThe pharmaceutical industry comprises different fields including the development, manufacturing & marketing of medicines. These interdependent fields of pharma industry consist of manufacturers, marketers, & biotechnology companies. The CRM solution used by them depends on the nature of their sales processes.

In the following section we are describing the players in pharma industry and CRM solutions they typically use. [Read more…]

CRM resolutions of the day – images

Here are 10 CRM resolutions of the day for a Sales person. Use these images to motivate your sales team to use CRM and increase adoption. Click on the image to view and download. [Read more…]

How To Avoid CRM Project Failure

No company would like their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) projects to fail. Despite all the good wishes – hundreds of CRM projects fail. Many of them fail to deliver while many fail to complete in the first place itself.

While working on many global CRM projects for some of the large multinationals I have learned to identify some of the key risks that lead to failure of the CRM projects (some of these items here can be generalized to all types of projects although). If we understand these risks and sensitize the project team and executive management with them – many of the project failures can be averted. [Read more…]


Salesforce CRM software



An Account represents a company, organization, business or a similar entity with whom you do business (and want to track in CRM).
Aka: Customer, Organization, Company

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Nurturing Customer Relationships Using CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comprises of three words – Customer, Relationship and Management. Most of the CRM have a transactional view of the customer – they are built on the premise that customer relationship is nothing but the transactions. While this view may be good for capturing and analyzing the data – it does not helps in nurturing the “Relationship” the most important leg CRM. [Read more…]

CRM Resolutions on New Year

CRM Resolutions for the New YearHere are our CRM Resolutions on New Year. Many of us make lot of resolutions – personal or for business. But how many businesses make the CRM resolutions? Customers are key to your business – and despite that they are one of the most ignored stakeholder when New year resolutions are made.

Here is our list of Customer Relationship Management or CRM Resolutions on this New Year. [Read more…]