Three notable features of Salesforce1

Salesforce 1With Salesforce1 has rebranded (and re-positioned) its development platform for its mobile readiness (mobile app) and integration capabilities. Salesforce 1 is a platform that will help software products vendors, developers to build mobile apps and integrate them with other apps quickly. With Salesforce1 even the administrators of can create the simple mobile apps with just point and click customization – unlocking the power of mobile apps on platform.

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CXO’s Guide to Salesforce1

Whether you are a CIO, CSO, CEO (CxO) the announcement of the launch of Salesforce1 by Marc Benioff (Chairman & CEO of Salesforce) yesterday at Dreamforce must of interest to you. We have been told that it is a great new mobile platform with great potential. However a lot questions still remain unanswered about Salesforce1 which we will try to answer in this post. [Read more…]