Best Practices in achieving CRM effectiveness

Salesforce CRM software

Your company has implemented a CRM. However are you getting the best our of it? While implementing your company must have defined the sales process and decided to automate it leveraging the world class CRM – undoubtedly is worlds #1 CRM application in the cloud and it provides all the core CRM capabilities your organization needs to address day-to-day CRM requirements. However despite implementing CRM if you feel the need of more effective CRM – your implementation needs immediate review and attention. In this article we are focusing on Sales processes. [Read more…] Summer 16 – Sales Cloud New Features

The New Features of Sales Cloud in Summer 16 are mostly related to Lightning. is now releasing new improvements in Lightning version only. Here are some of the major changes to Sales Cloud in Summer 16 release:

Changes to Salesforce Editions

Salesforce has come down to three editions – Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited. With this change more features like Offline Connect, Contracts, Console and Limited Functionality of Entitlements is available with Professional Edition. Knowledge and Live Agent are now part of Unlimited Edition of Service Cloud. [Read more…]

How to design the sales process in CRM

Before implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) designing the sales process is the important key for success. A well designed or poorly designed Sales process can make or break the effectiveness of your Sales initiatives. Deep thought should be given when designing and mapping the sales process to the CRM.

salesforce crm for sales

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