What is new in Salesforce.com CRM winter 15 – Sales Cloud

Manage Sales on the Go – Much better than earlier

With the Salesforce1 app, your users can stay current on their most important records, activities, and conversations while out of the office. The new release comes up with enhancements that will help you use mobile all much better than earlier. [Read more…]

CRM resolutions of the day – images

Here are 10 CRM resolutions of the day for a Sales person. Use these images to motivate your sales team to use CRM and increase adoption. Click on the image to view and download. [Read more…]

12 Salesforce.com Data Upload Tips

Salesforce.com Data upload is a regular task for some of the Salesforce.com administrators or end users. The quality of data in CRM determines the health of your CRM implementation. Considering this – the data upload – not only in Salesforce.com, but in any CRM has to be a well planned task.

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Salesforce URL Shortcut Cheat-sheet for Administrator & Developers

Are you looking for the Salesforce URL Shortcuts? Here is Salesforce.com URL Shortcut Cheat-sheet that will be useful for Administrator & Developers.

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Salesforce URL Shortcut Cheat-sheet for End Users.

Many of people spend their entire work day in Salesforce.com. Since they create and update so many records in a day, small time savers really add up over the course of a work day. These URL shortcuts will help you save valuable time inside the system. Here you can find a table of useful shortcuts for salesforce URL’s.

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Creating custom Apex SOAP based on Web Services in Salesforce.com and accessing from Java Application


SOAP API is used to create, retrieve, update or delete records, such as accounts, leads, and custom objects. It supports data in the form of XML. Requires WSDL files for the integration.

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Salesforce CRM software



An Account represents a company, organization, business or a similar entity with whom you do business (and want to track in CRM).
Aka: Customer, Organization, Company

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How to design the sales process in CRM

Before implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) designing the sales process is the important key for success. A well designed or poorly designed Sales process can make or break the effectiveness of your Sales initiatives. Deep thought should be given when designing and mapping the sales process to the CRM.

salesforce crm for sales

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