Salesforce Tips – Benefits to Managing Team Remotely

Today, remote working has become a normal phenomenon where many organizations are creating remote working spaces due to the prevalent rising COVID-19 cases. But, adopting a dynamic remote work culture and continuing to deliver results can be a challenging experience for the growing businesses. Whether your team is working remotely or you have just found yourself in this situation, managing a team of off-site workers is honestly works great on In this article, you would come to know about the benefits & challenges of remote working and tips for managing your team remotely.

Benefits to Managing Team Remotely
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Top Seven Features of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Want to know what are the Top Features of Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack (NPSP)? In this post we will be listing the top seven features of NPSP

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) features
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12 Data Upload Tips Data upload is a regular task for some of the administrators or end users. The quality of data in CRM determines the health of your CRM implementation. Considering this – the data upload – not only in, but in any CRM has to be a well planned task.

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Salesforce URL Shortcut Cheat-sheet for Administrator & Developers

Are you looking for the Salesforce URL Shortcuts? Here is URL Shortcut Cheat-sheet that will be useful for Administrator & Developers.

[Read more…] Tip of the Day – Starting with Activity and Task Management

Today’s Tip of the Day is – How to utilize the Salesforce Activity and Task Management features. We will be coverings the basics in the post – leaving the advanced tips for the future posts.

If you use Salesforce Activity and Task Management tools it will help you and your sales team organize and manage your day in an effective manner. Here is what you can do using Salesforce Activity and Task Management

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List views give you access to specific sets of data based on a criteria. You have many standard views (created by Salesforce or your administrator) available in Salesforce. In addition to this you can also easily create custom views for the items most relevant to you.

Some of the common views are

  • All Accounts
  • My Accounts
  • My Contacts
  • New Leads this week
  • Birthdays this week

[Read more…] Tip of the Day – Advanced Search – Using Wildcards and Boolean

Our Tip of the Day is on Advanced Search – Using Wildcards and Boolean when using Global Search. We have already covered basics of Search in in a previous tip posted earlier:

How to use Global Search in

In this article we will explore the advanced search.

[Read more…] Tip of the Day – Adding new records in Salesforce

Our Today’s Tip of the Day is “Adding new records in Salesforce”. We will explain about different ways to create new records in CRM and recommend which is the most effective way to enter new records. We will also discuss what are the drawbacks of using Quick Create.

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Salesforce Tip of the Day – Using Global Search

Our Salesforce Tip of the Day today is Using Global Search. Â Use the Salesforce search feature to quickly locate and find information you need in CRM.

The Global Search in CRM help you search

  • All standard and custom objects
  • Articles
  • Documents
  • Products
  • Solutions
  • Chatter
    • Chatter feeds
    • Files
    • Groups
    • Topics
    • People
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Salesforce Tip of the Day – Add Photograph to your profile.

Here is our tip of the day for CRM end users – How to add Photograph to your Chatter profile? Once added the photograph on Chatter profile appears on many places on the CRM. Some of them include:

  • On Home page
  • On Chatter Profile Page
  • On Chatter Posts
  • On Records Owner field
  • On Reports & Dashboards

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