Document Merge for Salesforce CRM using WebMerge

What is WebMerge

WebMerge is an online document generation platform created to help users streamline various paperwork processes.WebMerge can help you make Word documents, prepare Excel spreadsheets, set up PowerPoint presentations, and create PDF files on the fly. Moreover, this application offers data routing features, delivery solutions, multiple user access options, data uploading tools, and more.

Document Merge for Salesforce CRM using WebMerge
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How to setup Salesforce Field service

What is Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Field Service Lightning (FSL) helps in scheduling the correct person or team to complete the work at the customer’s site at the right time.

Salesforce Field service 
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Using Formstack with Salesforce

Overview of Formstack

Formstack is an online form building tool. We can create simple, complex or short forms according to your business requirements. Formstack helps you in collecting and storing pivotal information. Formstack allows you to gather information, but it also makes it possible to perform valuable analysis and gain insights regarding the key performance areas.

Using Formstack with Salesforce
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Salesforce Service – Major issue with File system has announced on its website that there is a major issue with Salesforce files. According to Salesforce the issue started at 3.05 UTC the File application in 8 data centers. Due to this issue customers whose servers are in those data centers are not able to read, upload or access files.

Salesforce team has indicated that –

” The Salesforce Technology team has identified an issue with Salesforce files. During this time, clients may experience inability to read or write files and attachments.”
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Salesforce Pricing – Cost of Products and Implementation Services

In this post, we have explained the Salesforce Pricing Model or Cost of Products and Implementation Services. is the leader in the world CRM market with an enviable list of clients including some of the largest brands and Fortune 500 organizations. Being in the cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) model – is also used by several small and mid-size organizations worldwide. If you are reading this – you are definitely considering or evaluating for your organizations.

Salesforce implementation cost
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How to get 10 free Nonprofit licenses of Salesforce

If you are an eligible Nonprofit organization you can get 10 free Nonprofit licenses of through Power of Use program of Salesforce Foundation. In this post we are explaining about the eligibility and process of getting the free licenses.

10 free Nonprofit licenses of Salesforce
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Top Seven Features of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Want to know what are the Top Features of NonProfit Success Pack (NPSP)? In this post we will be listing the top seven features of NPSP

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack
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Zoho Desk – Five most underused features

Zoho Desk users use Tickets, Customers, Knowledge Base (KB) and Tasks to serve the their basic requirement. In addition to the common features that are used frequently – here are five most underused features of Zoho Desk.

Zoho Desk can be used more effectively by using the following features.

Zoho Desk - Five Most Underused Features

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Tips for Getting Best out of Dreamforce for Attendees

Tips for getting best out of DreamforceHere are some of the tips to get best out of Dreamforce. Dreamforce is one of the most attended events in IT industry. Dreamforce offers the right mixture of learning as well as fun.

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Must Do – Must See at Dreamforce 2017

Dreamforce Must See, Must DoDreamforce is 8 days away! Wow! Just 8 more days and fun begins. If you are a first time Dreamforce visitor you will be (or may already be) overwhelmed by the shear volume of information, sessions, people, activities and more. Even in my first Dreamforce – which was one fourth of what it is this year – I was lost. Based on my experience in previous years of Dreamforce, I have compiled a list of 7 must do, must see items in this years Dreamforce – 2017. [Read more…]