4 Effective Ways For Marketers To Achieve Customer Retention

Nowadays, customer engagement and customer retention has become an enormous issue for businesses to gain loyal customers.

Customer engagement can cause an increase in sales, promote a full, strengthen loyalty, and attain customer retention. Until you’re not striving towards constructive practice, you may not be able to grow in today’s competitive world. 

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How Salesforce Einstein works with various Salesforce Products

Want to know How Salesforce Einstein works with various Salesforce products? In this post we will cover up things that you might wonder about how Einstein AI will transform your Salesforce application.

Customer focus has always been a top priority for any business, and the benefits of using AI for customer service are enormous. Businesses in large numbers are adopting AI to enhance their brand reputation, customer loyalty and improve business. You can use AI in every aspect of marketing, sales, service and customer relationship management (CRM) – it is an area where brands use AI to achieve customer insights. When we start thinking about CRM, the first thing that comes to our mind is Salesforce. Salesforce has been empowering agents with Einstein, artificial intelligence (AI) for CRM. Einstein allows various organizations to make a change towards their intelligent customer services with its new sophisticated features.

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How to Integrate Salesforce and LinkedIn

A frequent question we hear from our clients is, “How Do We Integrate Salesforce With LinkedIn?” and the answer we give them is “Use Salesbolt to Integrate LinkedIn and Salesforce.”

But they often ask a few more questions as well, so we’ll cover all that below!

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Get Started With Salesforce – Boost your Real Estate Services and Sales?

Efficiency, speed, agility and adaptability are important in every sector including the real estate industry where relentless transformation is only constant. In a highly competitive market it is even more critical, especially with reference to their sales and marketing functions, and it determines whether a true real estate agency will stay before its competitors or lose its edge.

With Salesforce the real estate agencies can improve the efficacy, speed, agility and adaptability of their sales and marketing functions.

Boost your real Estate services and sales With Salesforce.com
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Salesforce CRM is best Software to Increase Your Company Sales

salesforce crm best software for sales

CRM software is essential for every business of today to achieve sales goals including lead generation and sales closure. However, which CRM Software is best to Increase Your Company’s Sales? Salesforce.com is one of the most popular CRM being used by businesses of all types and sizes all over the world. In this article we are exploring the reasons for Why Salesforce.com CRM is best?

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Three Ways to Connect Salesforce with Xero

Want to see up-to-date invoices, bills, payments, and other accounting information directly within Salesforce? Sick of manually copy-and-pasting sale and product details from Salesforce to Xero? In this blog post, we’ll discuss three ways to connect these two apps:

  1. Zapier
  2. Breadwinner
  3. Custom development
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Performance Testing of Salesforce using JMeter

If your end-users are facing difficulties when using a software application like: Service unavailable An internal server error has occurred,and Read timeout error. You have performance issues with your application. All of these performance issues affect user satisfaction, user experience, and the brand of the application, on revenue, and overall.

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Runscope Primer – Using Runscope for API testing

Runscope is one of the popular solutions for API performance testing, monitoring and debugging. Runscope helps in creating, managing and executing functional API tests and monitors.

Runscope Primer - Using Runscope for API testing
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Using Form Assembly with Salesforce

FormAssembly Overview

FormAssembly is a web application developed to help businesses, design web forms. FormAssembly is a streamlined process and drives quality form conversions through intuitive form creator, wide-ranging integrations, and enterprise-level secure data collection.
The forms can be build using drag and drop functionality and integrate the form with various services. FormAssembly uses in various use cases for business needs.

Using Form Assembly with Salesforce
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Integrating Gmail and Calendar with Salesforce

If you are looking for a solution to integrate Gmail and Google Calendar with Salesforce.com CRM – there are several approaches and apps available. Integrating Gmail and Calendar with Salesforce is also possible with Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture feature.

Salesforce Email Sync
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