Salesforce Tip of the Day – Using Global Search

Our Salesforce Tip of the Day today is Using Global Search. Use the Salesforce search feature to quickly locate and find information you need in CRM.

The Global Search in CRM help you search

  • All standard and custom objects
  • Articles
  • Documents
  • Products
  • Solutions
  • Chatter
    • Chatter feeds
    • Files
    • Groups
    • Topics
    • People
(1) Using Global Search – Auto Suggestions

Type your keyword for searching in the Global search. As you type your search keyword will give you some auto suggestions. These auto suggestions are based on the recent items that you have opened. You can click on one of the suggested record or hit enter to search from all records.

Global Search & Auto suggestion


If auto suggestion is not enabled for your you can ask your administrator to enable it.

(2) You have to Enter Minimum Three (3) characters  for Salesforce search

You have to use minimum three characters in your search keyword to get the results. Less than three characters will not give  any search results

Minimum Charcters in Salesforce Search

Any search having three or more characters will only provide valid results

Minimum Chars in Salesforce Search is three


(3) Use Search options to Limit Search to the items your own

Use options to limit the results to the items you own or where you are the owner of the records. To select this click on the options link on the search results:

Using Options



Select “Limit to items I own” to search among the records where you are the record owner

Limit to items I own and exact phrase



(4) Use Search Options to Limit Search Exact Phrase

User exact Phrase when you want to search on two or more words and want to search the complete phrase. By default search will provide results by adding AND in between two words.

For example

Search for “Howard Johnson” will search for “Howard AND Johnson” anywhere on the record

Selecting Exact Phrase will search for the complete phrase together. Hence “Howard Johnson” will search for “Howard Johnson” as a complete phrase.

(5) Searching All Objects

By default Salesforce will show the results from the frequently used objects. If you want to search all the objects then click on “Search All” in the object list


Search all



Search all 2

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