What is new in Salesforce.com CRM winter 15 – Sales Cloud

Manage Sales on the Go – Much better than earlier

With the Salesforce1 app, your users can stay current on their most important records, activities, and conversations while out of the office. The new release comes up with enhancements that will help you use mobile all much better than earlier.

Territory Management 2.0

Salesforce’s original territory management feature lets you grant users access to accounts based on criteria such as postal code, industry, revenue, or a custom field relevant to your business. Territory Management 2.0 builds upon the original feature by introducing territory types, territory models, and territory model states.

The latest version let’s you create and preview multiple territory structures and strategies before you activate and implement the one that works best.

Enhancements to Opportunities and Collaborative Forecasts

There are some key enhancements made to Opportunities and Forecasts:

  • Sales managers can now track revenue from supporting sales roles with overlay splits forecasts
  • You now have flexibility for predicting revenue with custom field forecasts
  • Forecast managers can now add context to adjustments with adjustment notes
  • Now you have option to edit multi-line layouts for opportunity splits and give users quick access to custom fields

Duplicate Management (Beta)

Salesforce has introduced Data.com Duplicate Management where you can control whether and when you allow users to create duplicate records inside Salesforce. You can customize the logic that’s used to identify duplicates and can create reports on the duplicates you do allow users to save.

Salesforce for Outlook

There is a new Salesforce Side Panel features to help your users get more Salesforce work done directly from Microsoft Outlook. Salesforce also have improved setup so you can help new users install quickly.


The key enhancements to Activities – Tasks and Events are:

  • You can add Custom Lookup fields on Activities (this is in Beta). This has been a long due asked feature by the admins.
  • Users can now control task notifications globally

Other Changes in the Sales Cloud

Salesforce.com has made additional changes to Sales cloud features to improve usability.

  • Person accounts can be included in packages
  • Associated Items are now transferred with changes in record ownership
  • New field (Owner) added to Order object
  • Account and Contract fields on Orders can be updated
  • Labels changed in user settings
  • In enterprise edition you can create new custom split types to better reflect Your business process

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