Zoho CRM for Sales – 5 ways to achieve success

Zoho CRM SuccessIf you are a salesperson using Zoho CRM – here are five ways to achieve success with Zoho CRM. Salesperson in every organisation have certain challenges in their daily work.The organizations prefer to use Zoho CRM (A cloud based application) to solve the challenges faced by the salesperson. Zoho CRM helps the Salesperson to concentrate on closing the deal by increasing their productivity rather than involving the salesperson in time consuming activities.

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CRM Solutions for pharmaceutical industry

Pharma industry and CRMThe pharmaceutical industry comprises different fields including the development, manufacturing & marketing of medicines. These interdependent fields of pharma industry consist of manufacturers, marketers, & biotechnology companies. The CRM solution used by them depends on the nature of their sales processes.

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Salesforce CRM software



An Account represents a company, organization, business or a similar entity with whom you do business (and want to track in CRM).
Aka: Customer, Organization, Company

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CRM Resolutions on New Year

CRM Resolutions for the New YearHere are our CRM Resolutions on New Year. Many of us make lot of resolutions – personal or for business. But how many businesses make the CRM resolutions? Customers are key to your business – and despite that they are one of the most ignored stakeholder when New year resolutions are made.

Here is our list of Customer Relationship Management or CRM Resolutions on this New Year. [Read more…]