Zoho CRM for Sales – 5 ways to achieve success

Zoho CRM SuccessIf you are a salesperson using Zoho CRM – here are five ways to achieve success with Zoho CRM. Salesperson in every organisation have certain challenges in their daily work.The organizations prefer to use Zoho CRM (A cloud based application) to solve the challenges faced by the salesperson. Zoho CRM helps the Salesperson to concentrate on closing the deal by increasing their productivity rather than involving the salesperson in time consuming activities.

Here are our top 5 picks for end users to achieve success with Zoho CRM:

Record all activities in Tasks & Events

All the interactions with the leads or contact need to be recorded so that managers and other team members can see the action put by the sales team to close the deal. In Zoho CRM , interactions can be recorded in the activities (Tasks & Events). Users can also create the follow-up tasks with definite date.The salesperson can find all the scheduled open Tasks & Events for a particular day on the home page or Activities Tab.

Use Email Templates while sending E mails

Many business conversations happen over Emails – which can be a time consuming activity if Salesperson write each of their email from scratch. Salesperson can create different email templates in Zoho CRM to reuse the templates when sending email. Email templates save time, bring professional look and increases the response rate. Some of the common uses of email template include:

  • Introduction of Product
  • Introduction of company
  • Scheduling meeting
  • Follow up on meeting
  • Sending quote
  • Sending Invoice

Email templates would come in handy for salesperson and are a great time saver when compared to writing the same email for different customers

Synchronize Zoho CRM with your Calendar

Sometimes salespersons are not able to keep up all the scheduled appointments as their calendar is not synchronized with Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM can be synchronized with the Google or Outlook calendar. Google calendar can be updated with the events that are scheduled in the Zoho CRM.

Update the Rating and Status

Despite having large number of leads most of the companies are struggling in generating the business because they are not able to differentiate which lead is Hot, Warm or Cold leads.This differentiation makes the Salesperson to work on the “Hot” leads to convert them, prepare the sales pitch to make warm leads into Hot leads. Rating field in Leads of Zoho CRM helps in identifying the Hot,Warm and Cold leads. The Rating can be either set manually of an automated workflow rule can be set to change the rating based on predefined criteria.

Salesperson should identify at what stage the lead or potential is and use the Status or Stage field to track that. In a healthy CRM sales team takes appropriate steps to move down leads in the sales funnel.

Use Reports and Dashboards

Salesperson are always moving towards the targets. Reports and dashboards can help measure the performance of the Salesperson and can shows where they are lacking. Good use of reports and dashboards will make the Salesperson aware of actual numbers and will make them focussed to achieve the set targets.

Some of the important sales reports are

  • Lead Status report
  • Opportunity Pipeline report
  • Orders booked report

Zoho CRM (or any CRM) is as good as the users using it. If used effectively it can be a very effective tool for business, if not it is just another software.

About Ravi Kiran

Ravi Kiran works as a Sales Consultant with Dhruvsoft. He looks after Business Development and Sales of Salesforce.com and Zoho services for Dhruvsoft at Hyderabad region. He lives in Hyderabad and has interest in reading business books.

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