Boosting Productivity: Salesforce CRM Tips for End Users

In the fast-paced business world, maximizing productivity is of the utmost importance. Salesforce CRM, a leading customer relationship management platform, offers a wealth of tools and features that empower end users to streamline processes, enhance customer interactions, and drive results. Let’s explore some valuable Salesforce CRM productivity tips that can help end users harness the platform’s full potential.

Salesforce CRM Tips for End Users
[Read more…] launches – Salesforce Einstein – Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Cloud has unveiled its offering in Artificial Intelligence (AI) space – Salesforce Einstein. With Einstein – Salesforce adds remarkable AI features to its flagship products – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. The best part is Salesforce Einstein can be used by anyone in the organization as platform is customizable using both code or clicks.

In a world of interconnected things  – PCs, Mobiles, cars, refrigerators, aircraft engines – offered Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud in last year’s Dreamforce. With IoT resulting in vast amount of data – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the natural extension of Salesforce platform. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Connect Sales to Finance with Salesforce

This post lists five different ways you can connect your Sales team to your Finance team if you use Salesforce. No solution is explicitly better or worse, but depends on your company’s needs, size, growth, and all sorts of other factors. Please contact Dhruvsoft if you’d like a personal recommendation based on your needs. [Read more…]

Do we need a Administrator for our project?

Do you need a Administrator for your project? Yes. Yes. Yes. Who wants a system that no one is using, is not user friendly and no one understands it? If you want it – take the risk of not hiring a Administrator for your Salesforce Project (or for that matter any CRM project). Although your sales rep will not be telling you this – recommends having an administrator as a best practice. administrator will add lot of value to the ongoing success of the project. If you can not afford one full time – go for a shared part time resource from a professional service provider. [Read more…]

CXO’s Guide to Salesforce1

Whether you are a CIO, CSO, CEO (CxO) the announcement of the launch of Salesforce1 by Marc Benioff (Chairman & CEO of Salesforce) yesterday at Dreamforce must of interest to you. We have been told that it is a great new mobile platform with great potential. However a lot questions still remain unanswered about Salesforce1 which we will try to answer in this post. [Read more…] CRM v/s Microsoft Dynamics CRM CRM v/s Microsoft Dynamics CRM debate hots up with Microsoft also upping their ante to frequent reference to Microsoft in the conferences of Last year when launched Chatter in Asia – CEO Marc Berniff at a conference has been openly vocal showing reservations about Microsoft’s Cloud model of “Software + Service”. I always used to wonder why Microsoft is not replying to this? Now it seems Microsoft who have traveled few miles in the Cloud Lane – and have reached a milestone with “Office 365” are openly challenging [Read more…]