CXO’s Guide to Salesforce1

Whether you are a CIO, CSO, CEO (CxO) the announcement of the launch of Salesforce1 by Marc Benioff (Chairman & CEO of Salesforce) yesterday at Dreamforce must of interest to you. We have been told that it is a great new mobile platform with great potential. However a lot questions still remain unanswered about Salesforce1 which we will try to answer in this post.

What is Salesforce1 – Is it just another Mobile app? Or what?

Salesforce1 is not just another mobile app. Although you download the Salesforce1 from the Appstore as an App – remember it is a Mobile app development platform. A platform that helps software products vendors, developers build mobile apps quickly. It unlocks the potential of the mobile apps in such way that even Salesforce administrators can create simple mobile apps – with just point and click. Wow! Great! Salesforce keeping its promise of No code/software.

Why is so obsessed with mobile?

It seems they see a potential here. Consider some facts:

  • The number of mobile phones sold has surpassed number of PCs sold
  • The number of smartphones sold has surpassed the number of Non smart phones
  • An average smartphone users accesses the mobile more that 140 times a day (That is more that 12 times in an hour – once in 5 minutes)
  • People prefer using phone over PC when on the move

No wonder any sensible company will know where to put their eggs.

How quickly mobile apps can be developed on Salesforce1? has showcased some of the apps developed by select partners (like Dropbox, Evernote, Kenandy and LinkedIn). It has been told that these apps were developed in a short span of 4 to 6 weeks. I am sure as the developers become more skilled on the Salesforce1 platform – they can develop much faster.

So what are the features of Salesforce1?

There are many – here are few important features for CxOs to know:

  • Open API for integration
  • Developer tools – Declarative & Programmatic development
  • Action based app model – close an order, set delivery time
  • Packaging & Version Management tools
  • Enterprise marketplace capability (Appexchange)
  • Social data
  • Salesforce on the go – connected with CRM – real time
On which devices Salesforce1 is supported?
  • iPhone 4 +
  • iPad 2 +
  • Android 4.1 +
How can I experience Salesforce1?

Super Easy 1-2-3

  1. Just go to App Store / Google Play (depending on your phone)
  2. Search for Salesforce1
  3. Download / install
What material I can access to know more?

This will be a little bit technical in nature. But here are the links

Salesforce1 api developer Guide

Salesforce1 Platform developer Guide

Salesforce1 App Admin Guide

Key takeaways

Salesforce1, which was generally available from yesterday will transform sales, service and marketing apps for enterprise. So if you are already a Salesforce customer – this of this as a great way to enhance productivity, adoption, innovation. If you are not a customer – another reason for you to go for it.

Sunil K. is the Principal Consultant with DhruvSoft – a partner. Connect with us to know more and start with Salesforce1 Platform. Just drop an email to to setup a call.

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