CRM v/s Microsoft Dynamics CRM CRM v/s Microsoft Dynamics CRM debate hots up with Microsoft also upping their ante to frequent reference to Microsoft in the conferences of Last year when launched Chatter in Asia – CEO Marc Berniff at a conference has been openly vocal showing reservations about Microsoft’s Cloud model of “Software + Service”. I always used to wonder why Microsoft is not replying to this? Now it seems Microsoft who have traveled few miles in the Cloud Lane – and have reached a milestone with “Office 365” are openly challenging

In a blog post on msdn blogs Bras Wilson, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has challenged asking – Why are worries about Microsoft? There were few occasion in past when we have seen Microsoft publishing the case studies of clients who have chosen Microsoft over other products. The current reference in a blog post seems to be well thought strategy to take CRM head on. CRM v/s Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When as a customer you will evaluate the CRM v/s Microsoft Dynamics CRM – you will not look at the statements of the senior management about their and rival products. You will rationally look at the fit these products offer to your infrastructure and how they meet your unique requirements.

Our consultants at DhruvSoft in past have done product comparison for clients who were evaluating various CRM products. All we can say from our learning is that we can not term one product good over another. A product may by good in features – however if it does not meet your process or organization needs – it is of no use. While doing product evaluation here are some of the important aspects you must look at:

Product evaluation

  • Business Requirements
    • Functionality
    • Process
    • Usability
  • IT Requirements
    • Architecture
    • Maintenance
  • Cost Benefit

The debate of CRM v/s Microsoft Dynamics CRM will continue. However the discerning customers will make their choices based on informed decisions.

Who wins the race between CRM v/s Microsoft Dynamics CRM – only time will tell.

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