launches – Salesforce Einstein – Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Cloud has unveiled its offering in Artificial Intelligence (AI) space – Salesforce Einstein. With Einstein – Salesforce adds remarkable AI features to its flagship products – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. The best part is Salesforce Einstein can be used by anyone in the organization as platform is customizable using both code or clicks.

In a world of interconnected things  – PCs, Mobiles, cars, refrigerators, aircraft engines – offered Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud in last year’s Dreamforce. With IoT resulting in vast amount of data – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the natural extension of Salesforce platform.

What is AI and why it matters for your CRM?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in simple terms makes computers intelligent – like human beings. Rather than just number crunchers or machines that just behave as they are programmed – AI makes computers think like humans (or at least they try to). While Artificial Intelligence (AI) can not completely replace Human Intelligence – it can sure make a difference.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) matters for your CRM because it helps you provide better insights to close deals faster, provide deeper level of understanding of customer at each stage of customer life cycle. Already companies like Google, Amazon, Uber, Facebook are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) successfully. Now with Salesforce Einstein the CRM users can use the same Artificial Intelligence technology to make better decisions and delight their customers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Cloud – Salesforce Einstein

With Salesforce Einstein the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Cloud – you need not worry about the infrastructure and resources it requires to have an AI setup. The true Cloud based Artificial Intelligence can be used in Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The best part is that it can plug into your CRM without any additional effort.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is for everyone

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is for everyone – at least with Salesforce Einstein. One of the best things I like about products is that they make products so simple that even a layman can use them with ease. With their Point and Click Customization (without any programming involved) they have already done wonders in their platform. At the same time they have given extensive programmatic capabilities for those who want to dive deeper. The same applies to the new Salesforce Einstein – Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Cloud.

Without worrying about what complexity is beneath – the Salesforce Einstein users can customize and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) features.

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