25 Habits of Great Force.com Developers

Habits of Great Force.com DevelopersWant to become a “Great” Force.com Developer? One does not become a successful App developer just by training or mere experience. Many of our clients for whom we are developing the Appexchange Apps ask – “We want a Great Force.com Developer”. What makes a Force.com developer great? and other developer not so great. From our experience of over 100 person years of development we realized that to be successful or a great developer you have to learn from the best practices – and Force.com developers are no exception.

There are some best practice habits that we have seen in all successful Force.com developers. In this post we will be listing these habits that make a developer – “Great” Force.com developer.

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Seven Reasons to Migrate Your App to Force.com Platform

Why move your legacy application to Force.com / AppexchangeIf you are an application vendor and you already have an app on legacy technologies and you are looking forward to migrate you app to Force.com (or Salesforce.com) platform – here are 7 reasons that can help you make your decision faster. [Read more…]