Seven Reasons to Migrate Your App to Platform

Why move your legacy application to / AppexchangeIf you are an application vendor and you already have an app on legacy technologies and you are looking forward to migrate you app to (or platform – here are 7 reasons that can help you make your decision faster.’s platform has become one of the most saught after platform to develop and deploy your apps in the cloud. The B2B marketplace of – Appexchange, which is celebrating its 10th birthday this year has seen tremendous growth in last one year. With over 2800 applications listed in Appexchange – the marketplace is said to be reaching an inflection point from where the growth in future will be exponential.

If you are still not sure why you should list your applications on platform – here are 7 reasons for you:

Easily develop and manage new releases is an App Developers’s Company – I can say that because their actions show – how much they love App Developers. Consider this as an ISV partner you can sign up for any number of Partner Developer Environments – without any charges. Wow! You know any other company offering that? These Partner Developer ORGs or Environments help you seamlessly manage your App development at no cost. You can easily develop and release new versions of your app in a seamless manner so that all your customers get upgraded to a new version of your app with just few clicks. Wow! Start thinking of all the new features in your app.

No data center required / No servers to host

With hosting your app on Appexchange the greatest advantage you get is freedom from Data Center and Server Management pains. No local installations and deployments at the client sites. We have seen many of our clients who have migrated their apps from legacy technologies to save thousand of dollars. Instead of focussing on managing servers and liasioning with data centers – they now focus on innovation on their app. is one of most trusted and highly available platform.

Easy trial and license management

With Appexchange you get access to an easy to use Trial management feature – where your prospective customers can come and sign up for a trial. They can install and experience the app through a seamless process (without any need of you getting involved). All this happens while you get the information on new trial signups and focus on helping them with success. In addition to this your license management is also handled by Appexchange License Management App (LMA). You have complete visibility on the licenses that are deployed in client organizations. You have flexibility to offer user based or organization based licenses and can work with to fix a pricing that you want.

Protect your Intellectual Property has a unique model of Managed Package application listed on Appexchange – which helps App vendors to protect their IP. The core code of your application is protected and client organizations or developers in their installations can not see your IP protected code.

Reach a wide market of CRM customers

A listing on Appexchange gives you immediate access to wide network on CRM customers. Just imagine more than 150000 paying organization – already sold on cloud (no selling required) are your target market. And if your product is integrated to’s products like Sales Cloud or Service Cloud – you have their immediate attention.

Get immediate feedback from a vibrant community of users

One of the greatest feature on appexchange is the feedback that customers installing the app give on the listing. This is a valuable mechanism to show happy customers on your listed App. Most of these customers are also members of a success community – and success of your app can reach other customers without you even trying.

Plan the vacation that you have not taken for years

I can understand the pains of running a company that develops apps and supports customers. That includes “every year disappearing vacation”. By moving your app to be assured to have regular vacations – as you will always not be fire fighting. You can even plan a vacation in Silicon Valley where annual event of Dreamforce is hosted every year. With App development partners like Dhruvsoft and Trust & Reliability of you can be assured of a nice vacation every year.

Connect with Dhruvsoft for a no obligation assessment of your existing app for migration to / Appexchange.

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