Odd Even Assignment of Records in Salesforce.com using Workflow Rules

Odd Even Assignment in Salesforce.com using WorkflowsHave you encountered the requirement where you want to assign all Even numbered records to one person and all Odd records to another? Here is a simple solution using the workflow rules that can help. You can use this on custom objects or even on objects that do not have Assignment rules. The requirement can also mean assigning the alternate records to two persons. This is similar to Round Robin assignment to two persons using workflow rules.

Lets define the requirement as:

Assign all records of an object that are of even number to “Joe” and odd number records to “Mary”. The odd or even number can come from a custom field “Record Number”.

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Evaluate if your ORG is ready for Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning LimitationsSalesforce.com Lightning User Interface has been launched two releases ago. Lightning Experience is the new modern UI of Salesforce.com with some new features that are only available in Lightning. Many of the items that were not available in initial release are now available. However there are still some feature that are not available in Lightning UI and may pose a speed-breaker if your company is considering moving to the Lightning User Interface. This post is targeted for Salesforce.com administrators and may contain some technical terms that an end user may find difficult to understand. [Read more…]

Salesforce.com Summer 12 New Features for End Users / Functional Enhancements

Salesforce.com Summer 12 New Features for End Users / Functional EnhancementsSalesforce.com Summer 12 has been released recently and there are some of the new features that are noticeable. In this post we will discussing about some of the new features that may be of interest to ‘End Users’.

General Enhancements

  • Chatter Messenger: Chatter Messenger allows people in your organization to chat securely with people in Chatter without using external chat clients.
  • Upload Multiple Files: In Summer ‘12, you can upload multiple files at the same time from the Files tab and Drag-and-Drop Files. [Read more…]

New / Improved Radian6

Salesforce.com Radian6Salesforce.com has announced the New / Improved Radian 6 today. Riding high on the Social CRM wave Salesforce.com, which acquired Radian6 in 2011, has announced major improvements in the product.

Radian6 is a social media monitoring platform that monitors what your customers and prospects are saying about your company on Social Media. The new capabilities announced by Rob Begg, VP of Marketing for Salesforce Radian6 yesterday help companies effectively make sense of what people are talking. [Read more…]