Odd Even Assignment of Records in Salesforce.com using Workflow Rules

Odd Even Assignment in Salesforce.com using WorkflowsHave you encountered the requirement where you want to assign all Even numbered records to one person and all Odd records to another? Here is a simple solution using the workflow rules that can help. You can use this on custom objects or even on objects that do not have Assignment rules. The requirement can also mean assigning the alternate records to two persons. This is similar to Round Robin assignment to two persons using workflow rules.

Lets define the requirement as:

Assign all records of an object that are of even number to “Joe” and odd number records to “Mary”. The odd or even number can come from a custom field “Record Number”.

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Use Formula Field IMAGE function to highlight process status in Salesforce.com

Often customers want to highlight the status of process and alert  users to take corrective action before it is too late. There is nothing better than a visual field that gives you the process health – Red, Yellow or Green. This can be especially used to highlight the leads that are not acted upon or the opportunities that are stuck.

Use Formula Field IMAGE function to Highlight Process Status

Use Formula Fields to Highlight Process Status

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