Salesforce Summer 22 – What is new in

Salesforce Summer 22 is here and all of us want to know what is new in In this article we are highlighting some of the key features that are released in Summer 22.

What is new in Salesforce 2022 Summer 22 – What is New

  1. Person Accounts Enhancements
    • administrators can now enable Person Accounts without raising a case with Salesforce Support. 
  2. Collaborative Forecasts Enhancements
    • End users can customize and filter forecasts to focus only on the data that’s critical to their business. 
    • End users can now run more forecasts from mobile devices. 
    • If your company is using multiple currencies – you can now see amounts in your forecast and corporate currencies when you edit currency values.
  3. Revenue Intelligence Enhancements
    • Previously, Revenue Insights required to have Collaborative Forecasts enabled. Salesforce customers can now use Revenue Insights even if they don’t have Collaborative Forecasts enabled. Instead, they can use Revenue Insights with just role hierarchy enabled.
  4. Pipeline Inspection Enhancements
    • Now in Pipeline Inspections you can get broader insight into deal health with insights from activities, service cases, and opportunity scores. 
    • You can choose single or multiple forecast category rollups for Pipeline Inspection. 
    • You can rename your forecast category metrics to show in the Pipeline Inspection view. 
  5. Productivity feature Enhancements
    • Einstein Activity Capture users can manually override automatic associations and use a new email insight, in the activity timeline, override the automatic associations made between a captured email and related records. 
    • There is a new email insight to help sales reps stay current on emails that include objections about deals. 
    • The Sales reps can now create calendar events directly from the availability view.
    • Users can now use an existing org-wide email address as a default No-Reply email address.
    • There are new activities features that let your reps work more quickly. For example they can see overdue tasks at a glance with due dates in red. Also they can identify unanswered questions after customer meetings with the question insight.
  6. Salesforce Customer Data Platform Enhancements: Customer Data Platform, (Previously called as Salesforce CDP) helps you connect and unify customer data across systems, power the connected and personalized marketing experiences that your customers expect, and analyze cross-channel engagement behavior. Here are the new changes in Summer of 22.
    • Now you can activate loyalty, transaction, engagement attributes, and more from Customer Data Platform. 
    • Marketers can now send additional customer profile information to marketing platforms, like Marketing Cloud Engagement, to enhance personalized communications. 
    • Developers can use the CDP Python connector to leverage the power of Query API to extract data from Customer Data Platform into your environment.
  7. Case Management Enhancements
    • Users can now experience the improved entitlements experience with enhancements to milestone timers and entitlement processes.
    • Support teams can now use the power of Messaging for In-App and Web and deliver a better conversation experience for customers on your mobile app or website. 
    • You can enable conversations between agents and supervisors with whisper messages and flag raises in enhanced channels. Teams can route work more intelligently based on agent availability. Now you can customize the agent experience in Omni-Channel with custom sound alerts and auto accept for newly assigned work.
    • Planners will get better oversight into today’s shift activities for each agent. They can react to overstaffing, understaffing, or schedule assignment issues by editing shift activities in real time. They can give agents a place to view schedule details, auto-receive emails about changes to assigned shifts, and approve or reject shifts. Omni-Channel Plan is also renamed to Capacity Plan.
    • When an urgent incident affects your customers, use Incident Management to eliminate potential complications before they become showstoppers. You can now employ out of-the-box flows to automate your incident resolutions. Break down team silos and speed up time to resolution with swarming on incidents, problems, and change requests in Slack. You can monitor disruptions in more places with third-party integrations and out-of-the-box reporting.
  8. Reports and dashboards Enhancements
    • Now users can create the right report with confidence with the enhanced report type selector. Find report types faster by filtering by Salesforce objects. 
    • Users can clean up data faster by editing multiple records inline on the report run page. 
    • Now users can have access to a unified analytics experience, to view all your Lightning reports and dashboards from the new Analytics tab. 
    • Users can also reduce processing time by limiting the number of rows returned in tabular reports.
  9. Customization Platform Enhancements
    • Now admins can grant secure access to external objects with restriction rules. Restriction rules no longer apply to creating records. Scoping and restriction rules support single picklists in record criteria and user criteria. Plus, a more granular permission governs access to users’ personally identifiable information (PII) when admins secure it using the Enhanced Personal Information Management setting.
    • Now Hmong and Punjabi are available as platform-only languages. 
    • The User Interface for Salesforce Maps and Loyalty Management is available in more languages.
    • Now admins can create permission set and permission set group assignments with an expiration date, and review the release update for this change. And monitor the assignment of critical user permissions by creating transaction security policies.
    • Admins can now register more APIs, update more External Services registrations, and call your External Service registrations directly from Apex.
    • Salesforce Connect adapter for Amazon DynamoDB is now generally available and Salesforce Connect adapter for Amazon Athena (pilot) integrate AWS data natively with Salesforce business applications and take advantage of the features offered by the Salesforce Platform.
    • Now you can avoid the page layout when customizing related lists as you can customize them right in the Lightning App Builder with the new Dynamic Related List – Single component. 
    • There are new Date and Time, Math, and Text functions to make your formulas even more robust.
  10. Development Platform Enhancements
    • Einstein Vision – Developers can use the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to add personalization to documents. They can extract structured data from custom forms and invoices with Einstein OCR (beta).
    • API – Improvements have been made to the API, a GraphQL API is available (Beta), and legacy versions have been retired or deprecated.
    • Packaging – Developers can now determine which Apex classes have insufficient code coverage. 
    • Event Bus – Developers can use the new improved Pub/Sub API to publish and subscribe to events. They can stream your Salesforce events to Amazon EventBridge (Beta).

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