Sunil K is Principal Consultant and CEO of Dhruvsoft

Sunil K is Principal Consultant and CEO of Dhruvsoft. Sunil blogs regularly on Cloud Computing and Technology.

CRM Solutions for pharmaceutical industry

Pharma industry and CRMThe pharmaceutical industry comprises different fields including the development, manufacturing & marketing of medicines. These interdependent fields of pharma industry consist of manufacturers, marketers, & biotechnology companies. The CRM solution used by them depends on the nature of their sales processes.

In the following section we are describing the players in pharma industry and CRM solutions they typically use. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Connect Sales to Finance with Salesforce

This post lists five different ways you can connect your Sales team to your Finance team if you use Salesforce. No solution is explicitly better or worse, but depends on your company’s needs, size, growth, and all sorts of other factors. Please contact Dhruvsoft if you’d like a personal recommendation based on your needs. [Read more…]

Do we need a Administrator for our project?

Do you need a Administrator for your project? Yes. Yes. Yes. Who wants a system that no one is using, is not user friendly and no one understands it? If you want it – take the risk of not hiring a Administrator for your Salesforce Project (or for that matter any CRM project). Although your sales rep will not be telling you this – recommends having an administrator as a best practice. administrator will add lot of value to the ongoing success of the project. If you can not afford one full time – go for a shared part time resource from a professional service provider. [Read more…]

How To Avert CRM Project Failure

No company would like their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) projects to fail. Despite all the good wishes – hundreds of CRM projects fail. Many of them fail to deliver while many fail to complete in the first place itself.

While working on many global CRM projects for some of the large multinationals I have learned to identify some of the key risks that lead to failure of the CRM projects (some of these items here can be generalized to all types of projects although). If we understand these risks and sensitize the project team and executive management with them – many of the project failures can be averted. [Read more…]

CXO’s Guide to Salesforce1

Whether you are a CIO, CSO, CEO (CxO) the announcement of the launch of Salesforce1 by Marc Benioff (Chairman & CEO of Salesforce) yesterday at Dreamforce must of interest to you. We have been told that it is a great new mobile platform with great potential. However a lot questions still remain unanswered about Salesforce1 which we will try to answer in this post. [Read more…]

Nurturing Customer Relationships Using CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comprises of three words – Customer, Relationship and Management. Most of the CRM have a transactional view of the customer – they are built on the premise that customer relationship is nothing but the transactions. While this view may be good for capturing and analyzing the data – it does not helps in nurturing the “Relationship” the most important leg CRM. [Read more…] Tip of the Day – Starting with Activity and Task Management

Today’s Tip of the Day is – How to utilize the Salesforce Activity and Task Management features. We will be coverings the basics in the post – leaving the advanced tips for the future posts.

If you use Salesforce Activity and Task Management tools it will help you and your sales team organize and manage your day in an effective manner. Here is what you can do using Salesforce Activity and Task Management

[Read more…] Tip of the Day – Working with List views

List views give you access to specific sets of data based on a criteria. You have many standard views (created by Salesforce or your administrator) available in Salesforce. In addition to this you can also easily create custom views for the items most relevant to you.

Some of the common views are

  • All Accounts
  • My Accounts
  • My Contacts
  • New Leads this week
  • Birthdays this week

[Read more…] Tip of the Day – Advanced Search – Using Wildcards and Boolean

Our Tip of the Day is on Advanced Search – Using Wildcards and Boolean when using Global Search. We have already covered basics of Search in in a previous tip posted earlier:

How to use Global Search in

In this article we will explore the advanced search.

[Read more…] Tip of the Day – Adding new records in Salesforce

Our Today’s Tip of the Day is “Adding new records in Salesforce”. We will explain about different ways to create new records in CRM and recommend which is the most effective way to enter new records. We will also discuss what are the drawbacks of using Quick Create.

[Read more…]